(August 23st - September 22nd)

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury and Chiron. Its key phrase is "I analyze" and boy do they ever. Their greatest shortcoming is extreme criticalness, which they project inward as well as outward. They are their own worst enemy and if they allow themselves to become too concerned about their health and bodies can become hypochondriacs.

Physically Virgo rules the small intestines and the assimilation system of the body. The need for this sign to "digest" everything in their path explains the connection physically. They are depicted as the harvesters, surrounded by stalks of wheat. And so their task in life is to absorb and sift through all of life's experiences, an unending venture. This explains their nervous nature.

They are incredibly practical and down to earth, though they may lose that stability when love enters the picture. They can be very demanding and their need is to learn to love unconditionally. This is primarily an intellectual sign and that is why Venus, the planet of love does so poorly when placed here.

This sign is the best with small things. It rules small animals and the detail necessary to be a good jeweler, knitter or any artisan that requires such precision. Many Virgos work in the health industry, sometimes as veterinarians, combining their affinity for animals with their natural ability to heal. They make excellent nurses, using their talents in a positive manner.

In love this earthy sign is quite sensual and often, because of their great ability to recognize detail, make very good lovers. Feeling unconditional love is one of the few things that allow them to relax. You must remember that your Virgo lover can't help be picky or nervous. They need constant reassurance, a small price to pay for love.

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