(October 21st - November 21st)

Scorpio is a fixed water sign co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. It is the 8th sign of the zodiac and rules all 8th house issues. This is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood signs. It is the ruler of such seemingly diverse topics as sex, death, inheritances, other people's resources and anything you hold jointly with another such as a bank account or a partnership.

Although the scorpion in the symbol commonly associated with this sign it is also represented by the Phoenix, the mythical bird resurrected from the ashes of its own demise. Scorpio rules the rejuvenation of all things. It is the death and the rebirth, for without the first there cannot be the second. Because of its intense nature many people mistake quietness for disapproval.

This sign tends to hide much and getting to know the fixed water is much like peeling an onion, one layer being revealed at a time. They are creative and resourceful but must guard against a jealous or vindictive side. If they feel slighted they are capable of holding a grudge for a long time. This tendency has a negative effect physically, usually in the reproductive organs. They must learn to let go of the past and move on, forgetting as well as forgiving, for as long as the Scorpio allows past slights to the forefront of their thoughts they can't help but turn it over in their minds endlessly.
In the physical body it rules the reproductive organs, the colon and the elimination of waste in all manners including sweat. It also rules the rejuvenation process that occurs constantly throughout life, for without that steady removal of the warn-out there can be nothing new.

In love with a Scorpio you can be sure of one thing - intensity. There is nothing subtle about their approach to romance. They are known as the black & white sign of the zodiac. There is no middle ground with them. Once the Scorpio loves it is deep and unbendable.

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