(September 21st - October 21st)

Libra is a cardinal air sign and as all the cardinal signs, it begins a season - autumn. It is the 7th sign of the zodiac and thus rules all 7th house issues, mainly one-on-one relationships of all kinds. These include marriage, of course, but also your relationships with doctors, lawyers, or astrologers. It rules the scales of justice of the lower courts. (The higher courts belong to Sagittarius.)

Libras live for love. They do not like to be alone and so usually have highly developed social skills. They are pleasant to be around and at times so gregarious and undemanding that you wonder if they have an opinion about anything. They are renown for their inability to make a decision, a sometimes-frustrating characteristic. But don't let that sweet exterior fool you. There is nothing weak about them. This is a cardinal sign and so has a great deal of ambition and direction. They are self-motivated, dominating and willful, but they do it in such a nice way that you may not notice, and can at times be accused of being passive-aggressive. They tend to cling to the past and often have a difficult time breaking away from the parental home.

Libras make excellent diplomats and because of their friendly outgoing nature can work well with the public. Unfortunately don't expect your Libra buddy to jump to your defense. They like to remain neutral, as two Libra countries, Switzerland and Sweden will attest.

In the physical body Libra rules the kidneys (there is one on each side of the body thus balancing it out), whose job is to purify the body. Through relationships we purify the soul. In love you can be sure they are never without admirers. From the time they are about 5 years old there is a "significant other" in their lives. These people live for relationships. If you are too busy to see your Libra sweetie, assume she isn't sitting home watching Wheel of Fortune. There is always someone else waiting in the wings. Once they give their heart though, there isn't a better marriage partner in the zodiac. You just have to become adept at picking out their restaurant, movies and their clothes as the Libra will never decide.

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