(May 21st - June 21st)

A mutable air sign, Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac and rules all 3rd house issues. These include the lower thought process and communication, your immediate environment, you siblings and other relatives (except the parents), your neighborhood and lower schools. Known as the sign of the twins this sometimes-kooky sign definitely has a duel personality. The inner conversation is constant and rather two sided. They are gregarious and personable, quick witted and very verbal. If its ruler Mercury is in this sign they tend to be quick to temper and impatient with what they perceive as the slowness of others.

In the physical body it rules the shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, vocal chords and nervous system. Notice that there is two of everything physical Gemini rules! The duality of this sign has much to do with the laws of karma. It is the desire to put the two sides of humanity, the animal and the spiritual into harmony that is the struggle here.

Geminis are basically intellectual not emotional. It is much easier to reach them through a sound argument than through emotional paths. They don't respond well to tears. After all, this sign sits next to weepy Cancer and has had to listen to its complaints for millennium. They make excellent salesmen and can get you to buy your own car. They share similarities as all signs do, with their opposite Sagittarius. Neither likes to be fenced in and will rebel against restrictions of all kinds. This is one of the signs that usually do better working alone or being the boss. They generally don't like 9-5 jobs. In marriage they need to feel important to someone but they also need a great deal of freedom to mingle and communicate with multitudes of people.

Most ailments involve the nervous system and the lungs. Smoking is not recommended for anyone, but especially for the nervous Gemini. It will lead to troubles physically. They must learn to relax or suffer the consequences later in life.

In love Gemini is extremely flirtatious, needing to be the center of attention. They often have several love interests at the same time, not wishing to be tied down until they are sure. The placement of the Moon in the chart will tell you whether or not a particular Gemini has the steadfastness to be marriage material.

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