(December 21st - January 21st)

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline. The first day of Capricorn is the first day of winter. It is the ruler of the 10th house and controls a person's prestige, honor and success before the public. This is the sign that most tests us in life, as does winter. There is nothing casual or accidental. Everything is carefully planned and controlled by this sign. He is symbolized by the mountain goat, always standing alone. Nothing stops him on his way to the top of the mountain. Stoic and sever are words that have been used to describe him - England is ruled by Capricorn, but there is a fairness and strong sense of purpose that we all must learn in life to achieve our best. This sign can represent the highest or lowest in man. The evolved goat will build and achieve great things. The un-evolved will complain constantly and believe that life is out to get him.

Respect is most important, but must be earned. This sign gives little quarter in life. You must prove yourself worthy to the Capricorn in order to receive that respect. This is the sign that keeps the karmic bank accounts in order. The laws must be obeyed and debts paid. Physically is where we pay the piper and this sign rules the bones, skin, knees and back. It also rules all things having to do with aging including the loss of teeth, arthritis and any debilitating disease associated with old age. As the body decays we are paying back for the life style we have lived. Herein lies the balance within this life. We get what we deserve.

These people are fond of tradition and the past. They often have an attachment to antiques or things from their own past, and often have a hard time breaking free from the family. A Capricorn man will often have an unhealthy attachment to the mother, which may complicate their marriage. Although they can be cold at times they can build a strong home and family, as long as they are in control. They tend to want their own way a lot, truly believing they know best for everyone involved.
In love they can be demanding and difficult to get close to. But once an attachment has been made it is only their opposite sign of Cancer that is more clinging, though the casual viewer would never know it. The front of responsibility and correctness can't be let down for any reason, certainly not emotional displays!

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