(June 21st - July 22nd)

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon. The first day of Cancer is the first day of summer, as the cardinal signs begin each of the seasons. Being the 4th sign of the zodiac it rules all things associated with the 4th house. This includes the beginnings of life, the home, mother, the roots of the being and the very end of life, though not the death itself. Physically it rules the stomach, breasts and esophagus, certain functions of the liver and the flow of fluids through the body. It also rules the emotional self, and if the Moon is afflicted in a natal chart the person can suffer many different types of illnesses due to a lack of love in childhood. We say that the Moon rules what we need in life, while the Sun rules what we want. Our emotional self is far more demanding than the will, and in a test between the two the Moon will usually prevail.

Cancer is the most subconscious of signs. They are psychic sponges that absorb the atmosphere around them and tend to take on the mood of whomever they are with. Happy people will make the crab joyful while depressed people may send this intuitive sign into a tailspin without knowing why. If a Cancer is emotionally disturbed you must wait until they calm down before reasoning with them. They are not capable of separating their feelings from their thoughts.

Cancers tend to be homebodies, though the more evolved are capable of carrying their home with them just like the crab, in the form of a self-contained attitude and the ability to adjust to the environment. They are more aware of their surroundings and readily effected by changes around them. Easily influenced by their feelings they are often thought of as moody and emotionally unpredictable. But don't let the seemingly soft Cancer fool you. Just like the crab they have a hard shell that is difficult to break.

Love with a Cancer is bound to be an intense experience. They demand loyalty and honesty in any relationship they enter. Though the crab can at times be promiscuous, living as he or she does in the waters of life, they more often enjoy long-term coupling in a safe, home oriented lifestyle. They don't like divorce and will go to extremes trying to hold together a partnership, sometimes at a great cost to their individuality. It takes time to win the trust of this sign but once you have it you can count on this water sign to stick by you through thick and thin. If it's longevity and loyalty you seek, there is no sign in the zodiac better suited than the Cancer.

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