(March 20th - April 20th)
"I AM"

The first sign of the zodiac is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. The first day of each of the 4 cardinal signs is the beginning of each season, and so Aries begins spring and is the first day of the zodiac year, the real New Year's Day, (not some pagan Roman holiday like January 1st). This aggressive initiator has all the arrogance of a first-born sibling, often jumping head first into situations creating difficulties that could have been avoided with a more cautious approach. But of course that isn't the Aries concern. Beginnings are far more important than completions and the Ram often leaves unfinished business in his or her life only to find the need for closure years later. Since Aries is the first sign it rules all first house issues. These include the projection of the personality, the looks and presentation, the ego and the physical body in general.

Medically it rules the head and all issues there involved, although the brain's functions are separate.
In love you can expect this fire sign to be aggressive and proactive as with everything in life. A male or female with this sun sign will have no trouble initiating contact. Their direct approach can cut through much of the confusion in the beginning of a relationship when shyness can interfere with communication. Although they can be stubborn and strong willed they are respectful and have a strong feeling of protection for those they love.

Aries move so quickly they are apt to exhaust the other signs. Always looking for ways to burn off excess energy they like games and sports. They must learn to conserve energy and relax. Frequent headaches are due to tension. With age they learn to control their incredible force and make better use of it. They often accomplish great things later in life once the youthful exuberance is restrained.

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