November - December 2004

Okay, so the election is over, and Bush won, as I predicted. The Senate and House are both solidly Republican and the North East is being annexed by Canada. So what does this mean for America? It means the end of FDR's New Deal. It means the end of Johnson's War on Poverty and the entitlement programs it spawned. Any Baby Boomer out there who is hoping for Social Security to aid them in their old age had better find a relative with a spare room. The Bush family apparently hates the Roosevelt family. Virtually everything Teddy and Franklin did in their careers is being undone by this administration. The FDA has had its teeth removed, public lands will be drilled and logged, and big business controls the government, all undoing Teddy's policies. FDR's New Deal is being dismantled step by step, leaving the poor to fend for themselves. The belief that religious charities will pick up the slack is ridiculous. Unfortunately, none of this is a surprise to me. Years ago I understood what underlying aspects were in affect and I realized that the dye had been cast a long time ago. I am posting a synopsis of my recent lectures about the two Great Alignments of the 20th century on my website, Briefly: the 1st alignment in February 1962 was in the radical sign of Aquarius and pulled the society radically to the left. The 2nd was in May 2000 in the ultra-conservative sign of Taurus, pulling us to the right. But there is much more going on in the collective than just a knee-jerk reaction to the 60's & 70's. Please read the outline. It may help explain why our society is going through this period of extremism.

Arafat is dead. So now what? Will there finally be peace in the Middle East? I doubt it. The reelection of Bush has pretty much guaranteed an escalation of Middle East vs. West hostilities, and the Palestinians and their allies in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. aren't going to be left out. In order for the Great Alignment in Taurus to achieve its goals, there must be stimuli helping to push our culture further to the right. This will include terrorist activity. And remember, this alignment is affecting everyone, not just America. Israel will be a target for years to come. Europe will be attacked despite the efforts of several governments to disassociate themselves from this administration. Isolationism in various forms is one of the expected results of this era. By the way, I wouldn't sell Mrs. Arafat a life insurance policy, if you happen to be in that business. A billion dollars can bring out the murderer in the best of us.

Now for the question that's first on everybody's mind: Why did Boston win the series? Kudos to astrologer Jeffrey Geist who, realizing that it was 84 years since the sale of the Babe to the Yankees, and, as we all know, it takes 84 years for Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected events, to go around the zodiac, predicted a Boston victory. And he first made his prediction known to me when Boston was down three games to zero in their playoff series with the Yankees! Uranus returned to the sign it was in when the infamous Ruth deal was made completed the cycle and, perhaps, ended the "curse of the bambino".

As far as Scott Peterson is concerned, I wouldn't waste the space in this publication analyzing a slime ball like him.

This month's New Moon is on Friday November 12th at 9:27 AM EST at 20 degrees Scorpio 33 minutes. The focus this month will be on partnerships and other people's resources. You may find that people are more black and white about issues, and considering the results of the recent election you may be better off avoiding certain topics. Finding the middle ground is the challenge this month. Secrets will be revealed as well. Don't be shocked by some revelations. The intensity associated with Scorpio is well earned.

As with every New Moon, (unless it is void of course) this is a good time to begin a project or relationship. Whenever possible, use the waxing moon to begin things and the waning moon to complete them. By following the flow of energy of the lunar cycles, you become more in tune with the universe and have fewer clashes with the world around you.


Between Friday November 13th and Monday November 15th these three positive aspects offer us a few days of constructive and easy going energy. You could just lay back and enjoy it, or make use of this time to make strides in any projects or relationship. Communication will be easier and people will be more receptive, especially on Saturday the 13th and Monday the 15th, so try to make presentations, of a personal or business nature, on those days. This is a good time to talk things out.

On Saturday November 20th at 2:12 A.M. EST this classic wet-blanket aspect occurs not allowing for much fun. Responsibility and structure is what this coupling is all about, and if you have been avoiding your duty, it will be pointed out to you today. This aspect usually brings out the frugal side in us all, so if you go Christmas shopping today, try the discount stores. Try not to be overly critical in your relationship. This is not a good time to judge things. I would wait a day or so when you will be seeing things more clearly without Saturn's demanding nature.

Also on Saturday November 20th at 10:21 P.M. EST this powerful aspect demands our attention. Expect level of conversation to deepen. The desire to 'get to the truth' will be overwhelming for some. Also, expect some of those secrets I mentioned above, to be revealed; and don't expect to get away with superficial explanations. Compulsiveness is a common affect with this aspect, so try not to get trapped in a mental maze. Everyone will be speaking in harsh and demanding tones. Try to get past the messenger and hear the message. Watch your own presentation. You may be projecting this harshness without being aware. Between this aspect and the Venus-Saturn square mentioned above, this could be a nasty day. Pay attention and try to avoid confrontations with others. This is not a good day to plan social events or important meetings.

On Sunday November 21st at 6:22 P.M. EST the Sun enters the mutable fire sign, as we prepare to cross the threshold to winter; giving many of us a much needed far-sighted point of view. Travel will be on our minds as it always is this time of year. Funny that Thanksgiving, the most traveled day in America, falls in this sign that rules long journeys. Open your minds and let that energy invade you. Sometimes we see only the trees. Let's look at the forest for a few weeks. There is an optimistic attitude that follows Sagittarius wherever he goes. There are times when that optimism is worth more than all the lucky breaks or rich uncles you could dream up. This is one of those times. Use the excitement and wide-eyed enthusiasm of this sign and laugh a little. It wouldn't hurt.

On Monday November 22nd at 8:31 A.M. EST the planet of love enters the opposite sign of its rulership. Venus is in its fall in this Mars dominated sign and doesn't quite know what to do with the intensity. Those born with this placement have a hard time distinguishing between what they want and what they need. Now we will all experience this difficulty to some degree. With the Sun in outspoken Sagittarius and Venus in this sexual sign, people will be a bit raw and aggressive. Keep things in perspective.

On Wednesday November 24th at 4:18 P.M. EST this potentially explosive aspect occurs, making this a day to avoid confrontation and accidents. People will be jumpy and erratic. Electrical devices could give you trouble. Do not buy a new computer or cell phone today. Wait until tomorrow if at all possible. Drive defensively and prepare for the unexpected as much as possible. (Why do we mediate? To prepare. To prepare for what? Anything.) Because this is the day before Thanksgiving, and thus the busiest travel day of the year, this aspect could wreck havoc with accidents and just an overly tension filled day. Please give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going, and leave the stress at home. There will be enough waiting for you at your relative's house.

Also on Wednesday November 24th at 5:44 P.M. EST this positive aspect completes, helping smooth over the energy of the square to the Sun. Trines are not as powerful as squares, and if you don't use this energy you will be overwhelmed by the Sun-Uranus aspect. Try to find a creative outlet today and you can turn a potentially negative day into a positive one. The suddenness of Uranus creating a square to the Sun on one hand, and a trine to Venus on the other, could make for an interesting day, especially in the romance department. If these aspects set off the right points in your chart this could be a day of passion, or maybe a lottery winner. It's the day before Thanksgiving and either would be reason to give thanks.

Thursday November 25th looks like a very pleasant day. The Moon is in Taurus, so there could be a tendency to overeat (on Thanksgiving? What a surprise!). The difficult aspects were yesterday, so enjoy the holiday. Now you can't use astrology to blame if you don't get along with your family.

This month's lunar peak occurs on Friday November 26th at 3:07 P.M. EST at 4 degrees Gemini 55 minutes. All Full Moons should be respected and caution used for a day or so. With the Gemini energy you should be especially careful while traveling. Many people will be returning home today, so drive defensively and leave extra time to make connections. Communication will be direct and brusque with many verbal outbursts as people spew out whatever has been kept in of late. There could be some difficulty with cable, the telephone lines or the MTA. Be prepared for the unexpected and, once again, leave extra time for travel.

On Monday November 29th at 3:28 A.M. EST this wonderfully creative aspect completes. Use this energy for anything artistic or inventive. Follow your intuition today not your intellect. This would be a great day to see a show, concert or any performing art.

On Tuesday November 30th at 7:17 A.M. EST the mischief begins. For those of you familiar with astrology or this newsletter, you are already aware of the potential problems this aspect can create. For the rest of you I will list the most obvious. Until December 20th don't buy a new cell phone, car, boat, airplane, answering machine, computer, light bulb, nail clipper…

I was kidding about the nail clipper. More problems occur with communication and travel than normally. Expect delays while traveling, and miscommunication of all sorts. Make extra sure that you are understood. Don't assume others heard you correctly. And do not sign important documents unless you have no alternative, in which case, scrutinize the papers carefully or you will find mistakes once Mercury goes direct. Secrets tend to be exposed either during this transit or right afterwards, when the planet changes direction.

Also on Tuesday November 30th at 10:26 A.M. EST this confusing and, at times, debilitating aspect hits. Mars rules the ego. When mixed with messy, confusing Neptune, the Martian energy gets diluted and weakened. Those born with this aspect know full well what it means to have the ego constantly tested by Neptune's idea of reality. Don't expect to have the drive and ambition you usually have. If you need to confront someone, I would wait until this aspect passes. You will not have the oomph needed to make your point. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, this aspect could set it off. Ego clashes will surround the consumption of alcohol and could lead to outbursts, so be careful.

On Thursday December 2nd at 9:22 P.M. EST the lower and higher octaves of this energy are in conflict. Confusion is common where love is concerned when these two battle. Make sure you know who you are getting involved with, as things are not as they seem. Illusion and delusion run rampant. Watch your money carefully. It could slip through your fingers without your even realizing it. Take your time making decisions and don't buy anything too extravagant. You may not like it once this passes, and you probably couldn't afford it in the first place.

On Saturday December 4th at 4:32 P.M. EST this positive aspect occurs. This is a good day for creative projects and the presentation to the public of such items. This is a day to use your intuition. Search your inner self for answers. Neptune opens doors of perception that are usually closed to us. When in a productive aspect such as this one, those doors could open and show you some fascinating things about yourself and life in general.

On Sunday December 5th at 1:57 P.M. EST another wonderfully useful aspect occurs. Coupled with the Sun-Neptune sextile mentioned above, this could be a great weekend. We will all be a little more in tune with the inner voice and more receptive to each other. Artists will especially benefit from these aspects, and should use these days to further creative projects. Everyone will enjoy the energy, and our most creative endeavors, our relationships with others, will have a chance to flourish.

Also on Sunday December 5th at 5:13 P.M. EST the male and female planets meet in Scorpio. Mars is a co-ruler of this watery sign, and as such will be the dominant planet, overwhelming Venus. When these two get together it is a joining of the two sides of the world. With Mars in control, expect people to be a bit more romantically aggressive. We will all be more assertive and demanding in relationships. Sexuality will be direct and at times, confrontational. If you have been undecided about a lover, this may force your hand one way or the other. There is little time for wishy-washy game playing. You will be called upon to either put up or shut up.

On Tuesday December 7th at 6:05 P.M. EST the retrograding Mercury once again conjuncts Pluto, creating an intense energy that must be dealt with. Watch your tongue, as we all will be a little more feisty than usual. There is a compulsive attitude when Pluto is around, so don't get caught up in a mental maze. Refresh your ideas, and don't get trapped in a thought process without end. If you have wanted to discuss something, but didn't feel you had enough force behind your ideas, this will give you what you need and more. Just be careful not to push your ideas too hard or you could push your way right out of the deal.

On Friday December 10th at 3:21 A.M. EST Mercury is combust. We will all feel the need to communicate. Truth is relative, and your relatives will tell it like it is. So will your friends. Don't take things out of context. If someone tells you something you don't like, take a moment to understand that person's motivation. If it is in your best interests, take the information given in the spirit it was meant. Since this arrives on the Dark of the Moon, it will represent the end of the matter. Whatever comes of all this, it is leading to a new beginning, so see it as a positive moment and take the information to heart.

Because the New Moons have been late in each sign the past few months, the period before has been rather extended and more intense than usual. From Friday December 10th at 11:54 A.M. EST until the New Moon Saturday December 11th at 8:29 P.M. EST will be a particularly low energy period. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, don't try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just won't work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem.

People often misunderstand this time of the month. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you don't, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this "dead" energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Often people, ideas or situations remain long after they have outlived their usefulness in our lives. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak. Take advantage of it by finalizing anything in your life that needs completion.

Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.

The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.

All times are Eastern Daylight:

November 12th 8:34 P.M. - November 13th 12:56 A.M.
November 14th 10:57 A.M. - November 15th 1:33 A.M.
November 16th 10:07 P.M. - November 17th 2:39 A.M.
November 19th 12:50 A.M. - 5:38 A.M.
November 21st 10:35 A.M. - 11:11 A.M.
November 23rd 1:47 P.M. - 7:16 P.M.
November 25th 11:37 P.M. - November 26th 5:25 A.M.
November 28th 10:04 A.M. - 5:10 P.M.
November 30th 11:28 P.M. - December 1st 5:50 A.M.
December 3rd 9:52 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
December 5th 9:28 P.M. - December 6th 3:46 A.M.
December 8th 3:41 A.M. - 9:44 A.M.
December 10th 6:03 A.M. - 11:54 A.M.

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