ISSUE # 222

January 2018

Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes.


This month we will experience a lot of motion in the sky. Here are the main events we’ll be facing.

On December 19th Saturn will enter Capricorn, the sign it rules, for the first time in 29 years. This is a very important ingress that astrologers are paying close attention to. We are beginning a period of about 2 ½ years when structure, foundation and logic will be the underlying force. This does not bode well for anyone who resists facing reality, or who deals in illusion and lies. There will be a sharp turnaround from the unstable and illogical process currently in vogue in our nation. While no single astrological aspect will be sufficient to completely change humanity at its basic core, the combination of planetary modifications that we are about to see will have a strong impact on the collective and may be enough to reverse some recent trends. The current sham atmosphere in Washington that this administration holds tightly to will begin to unravel as this planet begins to move deeper into the sign of its rulership. There will be a potent reckoning in 2018 and the beginning of an intense power struggle to wrest the reins of control over our government.

On December 22nd Mercury will start to move forward once again as it attempts to catch up on lost time. Three times a year this quick moving planet retrogrades. Each time it changes direction there is a brief period of confusion and misdirection that usually takes its toll on our equilibrium. Some events that have occurred during this period of retrograde motion have had a powerful effect on our culture. That includes the election in Alabama and the tax bill that is being pushed through congress. We are heading into a year when several important things will be reversed, although it may take a lot longer than we think for this to happen. I think we are seeing the beginning of change in Washington that will eventually result in massive alterations in how our government works.

On January 2nd Uranus is about to go direct as well. This planet rules all things technological and unexpected or sudden events. One of the main financial matters that have captured our attention is Bitcoins and the other crypto-currencies. And with Uranus getting ready to go into Taurus the sign that rules money and values in May for the first time in about 84 years, the turnaround of this planet is setting up the scenario for later in the spring when these new forms of money will be reevaluated. Because Uranus rules all things technological, and Taurus rules money and values, the recent explosion in crypto-currencies is happening in anticipation of Uranus changing signs. We should see an escalation in these issues followed by volatility and eventually a crash that will settle the price of this new money where it truly belongs. Remember, all bubbles eventually pop.

On January 15th Jupiter will sextile Pluto for the first of three passes. This combination has an underlying sense of power and the desire to control it. We are in the midst of a tug of war between the classes, and the two-party system that has been deteriorating for some time. In 2018 we will see a big swing back towards the center as the Democrats win many seats in congress. By 2020 we could see the start of a completely different system. Obviously something has to change. We simply cannot continue the way we’ve been dealing with governing in this country.

Our democracy has never been more in danger than it is now, not even in the McCarthy era. We have a president who has no regard for the democratic system, the rules of law, the environment, the future of the nation and the planet, or the people he professes to represent. He is ignorant and disregards all things scientific and factual. If humanity does not address the serious, almost apocalyptic issues we are facing we will soon reach a point of no return. I can no longer pretend that we are in the normal back and forth of party lines. Our democracy and our world are dying. Our animal friends are being wiped out at an astronomical rate. And our emperor stands naked in front of a mirror admiring his new wardrobe, while his subjects sink deeper into the muck of his narcissism, and his cronies prostrate themselves at his feet. And all in the service of greed and self-adulation.


The New Moon falls on Monday, December 18th at 1:30 A.M. EST at 26 degrees Sagittarius 31 minutes. This is the most expansive of New Moons. It always occurs during the shopping season before Christmas and, as is Sagittarius’ way, helps us all ignore the common sense and limits we should put into place when buying presents. That’s good for the economy, but may not be so good for your credit cards.

This is a time of year when we feel our largesse and can be more generous than at other times. It’s not by accident that the season leading up to Christmas is in expansive Sagittarius, while the actual holiday falls in the austere, conservative sign of Capricorn. There is much more astrology in our society than most people realize.

So how should we use this New Moon and the energy it projects? Well, for one thing, when viewing your life and potential you should try to be more far-sighted and remove the usual limiters and restrictive attitudes most of us have in place. Take a look at the plans and path you are on and see how you can extend your potential. It may be a good time to experiment in something new or enlarge an ongoing project. With Saturn about to enter Capricorn, the sign it rules, there will be an underlying sense of stability and a strong foundation you can rely on. Take a moment to reflect upon your recent decisions and see if they fit your overall view of life. If not, this is a good time to make adjustments. This is the last New Moon of the year and a time to seek completion in preparation of a change of direction.


On Tuesday December 19th at 11:48 P.M. EST Saturn enters the sign of its rulership for the first time in 29 years, where it will remain for the next 2 ½ years. This is a very significant moment in our society. In some very important ways we will all be more realistic and structured. This in no way guarantees success, but it will allow us to make choices that will have a long-term effect and should stabilize a number of projects and plans. We’re heading into a period of reckoning when our plans, ideas and choices will be intricately scrutinized and tested to see if they are strong enough to create a secure foundation. The current instability in Washington will be one of the places the collective will review efforts and take action.

It’s tempting to assume that this will secure our future and set up on a path of growth and aim our society to a better and stronger future. Of course I have hope that this will be the case. But in astrology things are never as easy as that. In 2020 Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and we will find ourselves in a power struggle that will not easily be resolved. Historically when Saturn and Pluto are connected by transit there are a number of events that often happen. In my article titled “2020” on my website I analyze these events over the past century. In almost every case we have seen the outbreak of war or the ascension of a dictator. Mussolini and Hitler each came to power while these two planets were in conflict. World War I and World War II both broke out during this aspect. Mao defeated Chang Kai-shek and took over mainland China when these two planets were in conflict. Virtually every time they are in hard aspect there is an outbreak of war. Our first involvement in Vietnam, and the draft and tremendous buildup of troops both occurred during one of these periods. Even the Falkland Islands episode was under this aspect. Keep your eyes open and keep reading this newsletter as we approach 2020. You will see some amazing and possibly frightening things happen.


On Wednesday December 20th at 6:12 P.M. EST we will all be seeking excitement and some unusual input. This is a day to explore and take off the blinders to see what the world has to offer. Because this is a positive trine we can do so without the trepidation that often accompanies stepping outside your usual comfort zone, so take a few chances and see what’s out there. This is also a day to seek out different people, ideas, food, art and any other new form of entertainment. Step outside the box. If you usually listen to rock, try jazz today.


On Thursday December 21st at 11:29 A.M. EST until Friday January 19th at 10:10 P.M. EST winter begins. This is the shortest day of the year. From now on they will slowly get longer, though it may not seem so for a while. The Capricorn energy that we are working with is about to get very intense. Saturn just entered this sign. Pluto is already traveling here and they will conjunct in 2020. It’s the inner quick moving planets that act as the trigger to the longer lasting outer planet aspects. The Sun will conjunct Saturn later today. Venus is about to enter Capricorn as well and it will conjunct Saturn as well on Christmas Day. So we’re dealing with a plethora of Saturnine and Capricorn force that will demand our attention to detail and towards facing our obligations.


Also on Thursday December 21st at 4:09 P.M. EST this conjunct takes place just as the Sun and Saturn enter Capricorn. This is usually a low energy day, and it’s a time of restrictions and limitations. Take care of the most important things first and then if there’s any oomph left over you can address other issues. There’s a deep sense of reality and obligations that accompanies this aspect, and because it is taking place at such a powerful degree in the zodiac it will be even more so than usual. This is a very low energy transit so don’t expect to be all that peppy. But if you take it in stride it can be a very relaxing and settling day when we all just let things lie where they fall. I wouldn’t try to start any new projects or attempt to expand your plans right now. Mercury will go direct tomorrow, and then we’ll have Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in a few days. So this week should be low energy and loaded with a sense of responsibility. Take care of business. Finish any ongoing projects that need to be tied up.


On Friday December 22nd at 8:51 P.M. EST we begin to move forward once again. There’s a lot going on that will begin to move quickly now that our mischievous little fellow is running ahead once more. As always, I advise that you use some caution for a few days until the world begins to catch up on things. We will all tend to hurry in an attempt to do just that, but that is often when the real problems occur. I’ve found that when Mercury changes direction in either case, going retrograde or direct, is when we can stumble and make mistakes often missing details. We will be in the so-called shadow phase of this aspect until January 10th. While I do feel the effects of this extended period I still believe that once a planet goes direct it is, in fact doing just that. You can once again make plans, sign papers and move your projects towards fruition.


On Monday December 25th at 12:26 A.M. EST until January 18th at 8:44 P.M. the planet of money and love joins the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in this conservative sign. For the next 3 weeks many of us will feel this placement on a personal level as we contemplate our attitude towards finances and romance. A realistic approach is called for. This isn’t a time to spend frivolously or to jump into an untested romance without a lifejacket. Take your time with your decisions. When Venus enters Aquarius in January it will be more appropriate to experiment and seek new and exciting actions.


Also on Friday December 25th at 12:55 P.M. EST Venus conjoins Saturn in Capricorn. This can be a dour transit when we all tend to withdraw a bit and it may be difficult to express our feelings. If so, take your time and slowly find a way to let others know that you care. There’s no hurry when Saturn and Capricorn are involved in the mix.

Because this aspect falls on Christmas, this year’s festivities may feel restrictive and the party may not be as lively as usual. But there is a deeper meaning to this time of year than just the presents we receive and the excessive food and drink we tend to consume. No matter what your religion or place of origin, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza have to do with family and our attachment to the past. The lessons of our literature and films from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to Miracle on 34th Street are meant to touch us all. And that’s the point of this extended holiday season. Capricorn and Saturn are deeply concerned with the past and the continuity and attachment that family represents. So while we may not be as giddy and excited about the goodies, the real gift of these holidays is that they remind us of who we are and what’s most important in our lives. It’s not the stuff that comes from Amazon; it’s the people who thought enough of us to send it.

So to all my friends and readers, no matter what holiday you celebrate, I wish you the very best and happiest of times. May you receive what you value most and cherish it deep within your soul. Sometimes a well-timed smile can be worth more than a brightly wrapped present. Try to give with an open heart and remember those who are less fortunate – including that rich person who lives all alone in that big house you’ve always coveted. He may have more rooms in which to ramble about, but they may be empty and haunting. While your small home may be overflowing with love and compassion. Who really is the richer person?



This month’s lunar peak occurs on Monday January 1st at 9:24 P.M. EST at 11 degrees Cancer 38 minutes. Well, Happy New Year! This Cancer Full Moon falling on the first calendar day of the year is certainly a statement of sorts. The Moon will oppose Venus and Saturn, and it may represent what is to come in the following 12 months. While I don’t usually give much credence to the calendar and prefer to use the astrological timing, there is a powerful feeling in the collective that we can see as hundreds of thousands come together in Times Square and billions of people the world over welcome in a New Year with all its hope and fears. Will this be a better year that the last one, or are we facing new trials that will test our resolve? Often it’s a combination of the two. Some things will be better, but some may just feel like a carryover from the last one.


On Tuesday January 2nd at 4:38 A.M. EST this creative sextile will give us an opportunity to get in touch with the spiritual side of things. This isn’t a very powerful aspect, and it may pass without notice since it completes so early in the morning. But I’ll bet many of us have some very interesting dreams. I always try to write mine down and view them in the morning. You may also find yourself on Facebook around the time this completes.


Also on Tuesday January 2nd at 9:11 A.M. EST the great disrupter begins to travel forward once again. This is the planet that rules many issues, including electricity, technology, revolutionary thought and actions and radical often unpredictable change. Events can be unexpected or more complicated that you feel they should be. Because this is a reverse of direction it will have an ongoing influence for some time. The outer planets are retrograde almost half the year when the Sun is on the opposite side of the zodiac. And every time one of them turns around there are deep issues that must be addressed. As Uranus goes direct we will see some very powerful events that will push our culture into a new direction. We are seeking any area where a radical alteration can occur. With the current political situation being so unstable and getting more so as the weeks pass, we can certainly expect more interesting events and changes in attitude. The recent special senate election in Alabama is a perfect example. It’s been generations since that state elected a Democrat to the senate. While it did happen when Uranus was still in retrograde, now that this planet of radical events has changed direction we will see more rather weird happenings.


On Wednesday January 3rd at 12:39 P.M. EST this creative sextile completes. This is a good day for any artistic project. We will be attracted to the arts and all spiritual matters, and may find some real joy in helping others. Compassion is one of Neptune’s virtues and it will bring much pleasure to those who employ it. This is also a very good day to take in any entertainment or artistic venture. You will get more out of a visit to a museum than usual, and you might even discover something of value that you had never considered before.


On Saturday January 6th at 6:38 P.M. EST ideas and communications will flow unrestricted as new thoughts filter through our minds. Try to look at things from a different perspective. This isn’t a time to be stuck in old ideas, but rather to see innovative ways of approaching your situation. If there an old problem that makes you feel like you’ve been trapped and unable to move forward, you may see a solution today. This is a quick moving transit, so don’t expect miracles, but if you take a long walk and allow your thoughts to meander you may discover a different tactic you hadn’t considered before. This is a very good aspect for most communication. Because you’ll be seeing things from a different point of view and may be able to communicate with others with a new attitude. This is a good day for any short trip. It will stimulate you and shake away some of the cobwebs.


Also on Saturday January 6th at 7:39 P.M. EST this rather powerful conjunct will add much vigor and push to things. You must remain active and focus your energy into useful projects and activities. Mars rules the ego, and with Jupiter’s desire to expand whatever it comes in contact with we can expect that some people will be overly assertive and forceful. This is a very energetic and usually enthusiastic aspect. Most people will be outgoing and very sociable. If you use this properly you can accomplish a lot. But it does require that you pay attention to how you’re projecting your ego. You don’t want to be overly aggressive, and because Mars is the god of war, it’s important not to over react to someone else’s attitude. Any anger you may be feeling is just a lot of power being emitted and not used. But if you keep things in perspective and find positive ways to project any excessive force into action this will be a very good day. Exercise will do most of us a lot of good. Get to the gym or just take a long vigorous walk.


On Monday January 8th at 7:07 A.M. EST this very positive and optimistic aspect arrives in the morning. This is a good time to look over your plans and see ways to expand them. It’s a very sociable transit and with Venus in sextile to Jupiter now as well (see below) this will be a very active and energetic day. We will also have Mars in sextile to Pluto now as well, so there is a lot of directed interplay. It would be a good day for encounters with friends or family. There should be an underlying sense of equilibrium and a desire to get along. So take the time to contact close people or set up a breakfast of early lunch. The expansive nature of Jupiter will be very activated today and we will tend to be far-sighted and enthusiastic about many things.


Also on Monday January 8th at 11:13 A.M. EST this extremely positive combination completes. When Venus and Jupiter interact there is a strong desire for social interaction and for any pleasurable activities. There is a tendency to overdo things or to indulge ourselves without restriction. Rich food or drink is often the culprit, but a little common sense will go a long way. Take in any form of entertainment. A movie, theatre, museum or other creative venture will be quite rewarding. Any traveling should be very pleasant, so if you can get a way for a few days this would be a good time to do so.


Also on Monday January 8th at 2:54 P.M. EST this powerful aspect will add another layer of energy to the two mentioned above. This is a day when three transits all hit within hours of each other. Each will have its own identity, but they really will work together to create an atmosphere of harmony. The combination of Mars and Pluto can be a bit intense, though because it is a positive sextile we can use the energy proactively. You may feel like delving deeply into issues and uncovering the truth about something. But it won’t be done in a forceful or combative manner. It’s easy to aim your attention into discovering the underlying force that is driving a situation or relationship. If you pay attention you may find out something that has eluded you and you can then use that knowledge to improve the circumstances.


On Tuesday January 9th at 2:02 A.M. EST this very pleasant and easy going conjunct completes. Because it occurs so early in the morning we will feel its effects the night before. This can be a bit of a lazy aspect and you may not feel very vigorous. But it has a nice and gentle attitude and is very sociable. However, because the Sun and Venus will conjunct Pluto today as well (see below) there will be a deeper side to this. Expect some issues to be examined with scrutiny and for some important information to be revealed.


Also on Tuesday January 9th at 4:00 A.M. EST this powerful conjunct will add a layer of depth to all relationships. This transit often will uncover some hidden agendas or attitudes, and because the Sun is involved now as well it will certainly be a day of revelation and powerful interaction with others. With so many inner personal planets in contact to Pluto this month, it will be a time of reckoning on many levels. Issues that have been buried or ignored for some time will probably rise to the surface now and have to be dealt with. This isn’t a bad thing. It may be a bit unpleasant at times, but it’s necessary to clean out any infection in a relationship, project or attitude, and the conjuncts to Pluto will do just that.


Also on Tuesday January 9th at 4:29 A.M. EST this very powerful aspect completes. This and the two aforementioned transits all complete early in the morning, and they will set the stage for the day’s attitude. But they will begin to wane and by midmorning will begin to lose their power. This Sun – Pluto combination will be felt more the night before as it applies. This will continue the feelings the Venus – Pluto conjunct created and you can expect to deal with some issues you may not have planned on confronting. Just face everything directly and you won’t have any real problems. The difficulties with Pluto aspects mostly occur when we try to avoid them.


Also on Tuesday January 9th at 4:07 P.M. EST this sextile represents a balance between our attitude and our presentation. Relationships between the sexes will be calmer than usual and it should be easy to communicate with each other. If this sets off your chart you may find someone you can relate to. This probably isn’t strong enough to create a marriage or long term relationship, but it can bridge the gap that often exists and allow us to at least find common ground for discussion.


On Wednesday January 10th at 12:37 A.M. EST we will all get a jolt of energy to start the day. You can accomplish much in a few hours this morning, if you set your mind on it. This combination will allow us to direct our ego and will onto a cohesive path and aim all of our force and attention in one direction. This only lasts a day, so don’t expect to write a novel. But you could put the outline for one onto paper and give you a clear place to begin. This can be a willful day, and even though these two planets are working together there can still be moments of some feistiness and stress. But for the most part it will be easy to push things where you wish them to go.


On Thursday January 11th at 12:10 A.M. EST until January 31st at 8:40 A.M. EST Mercury enters Capricorn after its long journey through expansive Sagittarius due to its recent retrograde. This is the most reality oriented of signs and most of us will be focused on our obligations and responsibilities for the next few weeks. Conversations will tend towards the topic of what we must do, rather than what we would like to do. This can be a very positive and productive time. It allows us to concentrate on getting our work done and aiming our attention to


On Saturday January 13th 2:03 A.M. EST this rather restrictive aspect will show us exactly what the transit of Mercury through Saturn-ruled Capricorn will be all about. This conjunct is a low energy dour few hours when we will not have our usual pep. Of course it completes so early in the morning that most of us will sleep through it. But it does set the pace for Saturday and you shouldn’t expect too much activity. This can sometimes manifest as difficulty in travel, so if you’re planning a trip make sure you double check everything, including directions, packing and timing. Communications are difficult and it may be hard to get your point across. Take your time and put your thoughts in order.


Also on Saturday January 13th at 2:07 P.M. EST this erratic square may make some people jumpy and irritable. Following on the heels of the Mercury conjunct Saturn mentioned above this will be a day when moods will change radically and you might find it difficult to settle down. This square will demand that we seek out new and exciting input, which is not a bad thing. But you may be attracted to a person, idea or project that isn’t firmly based in reality. With that Mercury-Saturn energy just passing it will be a question of what to believe. Give any new situation some time to prove itself before committing too much to it. This is especially true about romance. Also, keep an eye on your money. This can be an easy come, easy go energy and you could spend more than you realized, or buy something that is totally unnecessary and quite useless.


On Sunday January 14th at 3:44 P.M. EST this potentially explosive aspect will come along. This is energy unleashed that may create dangerous situations or just stir up things to a peak. It requires our attention and some caution. It’s certainly possible that there could be another in this ongoing series of attacks, so pay attention to your surroundings. But it may also create upsetting events in our social and personal lives, especially if this square sets off your chart. At the very least you can expect people to be edgy and easily set off. Try to avoid disagreements and if someone seems overly tense, side step the situation if you can. This square can produce a lot of anger, and there’s no reason why you should walk into an unnecessary fight. This is not a good day to sit in front of the computer or TV. You should get out and be active. Look for new and exciting events and ideas. If you use some self-control and are careful, this can be a very stimulating day. Under any circumstances, chances are it won’t be boring.


On Monday January 15th at 10:46 P.M. EST this very positive sextile will complete. This will return April 14th & September 12th. This energy will be active in the unconscious throughout the year. It’s a chance to expand some ideas and to get group activity working in harmony. This can be used to stir up any collection of people with a like-minded attitude. It will be present in political actions (by either party) and in legal matters. Jupiter rules the law, and Pluto has a strong need to uncover what’s going on behind the scenes. It is part of the underlying energy that is pushing the Russia probe, but it’s also some of the strength the Republican congress has used to create a voting block to pass the tax bill and set other agenda into motion. In your personal life you can use this to bring together others to help you achieve your goals. Because this first pass occurs right at the Dark of the Moon, some plans or projects that are just about finished will come to fruition and set the stage for a new beginning tomorrow on the New Moon in Capricorn.


The next New Moon falls on Tuesday January 16th at 9:17 P.M. EST at 26 degrees Capricorn 54 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the lunar cycles more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, don’t try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just won’t work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you don’t, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this “dead” energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.

Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.

The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Daylight Time:

Please note: In response to requests from readers I have added a few VOC Moons into the next lunar cycle for those who need to make plans before my next newsletter is released.

December 18th 8:10 A.M. – 8:33 A.M.

December 20th 10:37 A.M. – 9:29 P.M. ***Moon is void 11 hours

December 23rd 5:13 A.M. – 9:42 A.M.

December 24th 9:48 P.M. – December 25th 7:27 P.M. ***Moon is void 22 hours

December 27th 3:57 P.M. – December 28th 1:23 A.M. ***Moon is void 9 hours

December 29th 9:00 A.M. – December 30th 3:31 A.M. ***Moon is void 18 hours

December 31st 6:38 P.M. – January 1st 3:10 A.M. ***Moon is void 9 hours

January 2nd 5:46 P.M. – January 3rd 2:22 A.M.

January 4th 6:10 P.M. – January 5th 3:12 A.M. ***Moon is void 8 hours

January 6th 9:51 P.M. – January 7th 7:14 A.M. ***Moon is void 8 hours

January 9th 11:12 A.M. – 3:05 P.M.

January 11th 9:53 A.M. – January 12th 2:04 A.M. ***Moon is void 16 hours

January 14th 3:48 A.M. – 2:42 P.M. ***Moon is void 11 hours

January 17th 1:30 A.M. – 3:32 A.M.

January 19th 6:52 A.M. – 3:26 P.M. ***Moon is void 8 hours

January 21st 8:13 P.M. – January 22nd 1:27 A.M.

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