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January 2017


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 




We are truly at a crossroads in our nationÕs history. We occasionally come to one and it always changes us in deep and unexpected ways.


Uranus goes direct right after the New Moon. This is an important reversal of direction at any time, but more so this year than in recent history. Uranus rules elected government officials and any democratic form of administration. Mr. Trump was elected while Uranus was in retrograde, and he takes the reins after it has gone direct. There will be many conflicting issues that face his presidency right from the beginning. Of course, we all know that there will be contentious resistance to some of his ideas. But on a deeper level this is a time to reexamine exactly what sort of nation we wish to be.


Remember, it isnÕt just America that is experiencing questions about its direction. Many other nations are also in the throes of redefining their governments and paths. The European Union is at the shakiest place since its inception. While theyÕve build a sparkling new building in Brussels to house the EU, the blush has faded from their collective experiment and several nations are posed to vote whether or not to continue in the union. This is a very precarious and unsteady period for democracy worldwide, and Uranus more than any other luminary is a barometer of changes in governing.


Whatever route the democratic nations of the world take it will certainly lead to a new attitude. We are most certainly at a crossroads and we simply MUST make some long-term decisions about our path as humans. These choices were not going to be made if we stayed on the same road, so the upsetting events in this country and in others between ideologies exist to test our purpose. The future of the Earth is very much at stake, and so the disruption to our complacency was needed to get us off our collective asses. LetÕs hope the events of the next few years clearly point out what must be done, and lead us to the correct decisions. We can no longer go along in the same old way. So look towards these changes and challenges as a means of learning the most important lessons we may have ever faced.


Mercury goes direct on January 8th. Finally, the mischievous winged god will change direction and begin its forward motion anew. Now some things that have been delayed and confusing will begin to move ahead. Whenever Mercury changes direction there is a period of misunderstanding and mistakes. Use caution for a few days until you get used to the energy. This has been a very hard retrograde with much bad news and disturbing events. Once it goes direct we will learn even more things that may be distressing. WeÕve lost so many of our heroes in 2016 that it seems almost inconsolable. But losing Carrie Fisher and the next day, her mother Debbie Reynolds was a coda to this year that most of us will never forget.


I wish all of my friends and readers the very best New Year and the hope that we all will gain the wisdom and patience we will need. May this be the beginning of a new and wonderful period for each and every one of you. And whatever trials we face, may we stand shoulder to shoulder and carry the burden together. In the long run, itÕs not money or possessions that matter. ItÕs our health and the people we love who make life more tolerable. Give someone you care about a text, phone call or hug and let them know that you love them.


Peace and happiness to you all.

Much love





The New Moon falls on Thursday December 29th at 1:53 A.M. EDT at 7 degrees Capricorn 59 minutes. As with all Capricorn energy this New Moon demands that we focus on what is most important in our lives. This isnÕt a time for frivolous or mundane activities, but rather a moment to make decisions about our most necessary long-term goals and to point our actions in that direction. Capricorn has little patience for waste. It tends to constrict anything that is unnecessary, and will leave you with just enough to get by. The lessons of what is of value can seem harsh at times, but in the long run if it is learned properly you will have greater success in the future.


This month will point out any areas of life that arenÕt working smoothly and may demand that we redefine our attitudes and plans. There is a strong desire to shore up the foundation and make certain that it can sustain future growth without faltering. With Uranus going direct today as well, that will set the stage for this lunar cycle. There will be a number of issues involving groups and the collective, and many things that we assume are solid and will always be there may be more at risk than we realize. The Capricorn energy is one that requires close scrutiny and compromise. If that compromise isnÕt found there will be upsetting results that could easily upend much of what we are doing in our personal lives as well as in society and government. Of course, with the change of administration imminent this New Moon and redirection of Uranus will be more important than usual. Literally everything we rely on is up for grabs. How well we can balance the coming changes while securing the structure of our lives will decide what ear we are entering. This is true in your own life as well as in the nation and the world. So try to make decisions that benefit you for the long run, not just momentarily.



Also on Thursday December 29th at 4:29 A.M. EST this most unusual of planets turns around and begins its forward motion. Uranus rules many things in our lives, including elected officials, corporations and all group oriented activities. It has much to do with unbridled actions, and Uranus, as well as Aquarius, the sign it rules, is often contrarian to what is considered normal. Donald Trump has the Sun conjunct Uranus and opposite his Moon. This is what gives him the personality he possesses. Now that Uranus is changing direction we will soon begin to see the real effects of the recent election. Of course, any incoming administration will have a powerful effect on our society, but the fact that this planet is changing direction right before the inauguration will make this an even more unsettling event than usual. The reversal in actions, attitude and potential results will be far more discombobulating than is often the case with a change of presidencies. The world is about to be turned on its head, for better or worse. In your own life you should be looking at anything that feels stale or unproductive and try to find new ways of expressing yourself. Look at the projects youÕve been working on, and if there are any changes that make sense and seem more open, or even revolutionary you may consider trying to implement them. A number of issues that have been delayed will begin to move forward now. This is especially true with anything that has become stuck and unyielding, so pay attention and be prepared to make changes.



On Friday December 30th at 6:26 P.M. EST this positive but minor aspect will completes. This is a good chance to move any creative projects forward, and with Uranus having just turned around yesterday it would be smart to look over your work and see what needs to be revised. This isnÕt a terribly powerful transit and most of us will not even notice its presence. But even though itÕs subtle, the whisper of spirituality and creativity that it implies will be there for those who pay attention. There will be an underlying sense of charity and generosity and anything you can do to aid someone else you should find fulfilling and may give you a feeling of purpose beyond the usual self-serving activities.



On Sunday January 1st at 1:53 A.M. EST this difficult low energy transit completes. This is a rough aspect that can limit the amount of force we all feel. Mars rules our energy level as well as the ego. Neptune has little regard for what we call Ņthe real worldÓ and will tend to direct our consciousness towards the ethereal or spiritual plane. ThatÕs a very positive thing under the right circumstances. But unless you are living in an ashram or not very concerned about the day-to-day activities most of us have to deal with, you may find this a distracting and restraining few days. Many of us will not be able to lift our vitality and drive up to the usual standards. Some may feel tired, a bit discouraged or even slightly depressed. Of course, if this hits your chart in a sensitive area you may experience this more acutely. But try not to take it too seriously. It passes quickly and your usual oomph will return in short order. But use caution while itÕs in orb. Also, Neptune rules alcohol and all drugs (legal or illegal in this case has no influence astrologically). So be careful not to over-indulge in an attempt to placate the ego. Since this completes on New YearÕs Eve there will certainly be a lot of that. Try to be careful and make plans to get home safely.


Also, donÕt take on more projects or promises than you can handle. You may find that you run out of steam and are left exhausted and disappointed with your results. Because Neptune also tends to distract and can be dishonest itÕs important to challenge anything you feel isnÕt straight-forward or seems a bit hazy or unreliable. While I donÕt pay much attention to the calendar year and tend to follow the astrological calendar, because this is the beginning of the New Year it may represent some of what we can expect in 2017. We know that there will be a lot of misdirection and confusion with the incoming administration. ItÕs important that we donÕt let people get away with misrepresentation or lies. This could be a harbinger of whatÕs to come. So pay attention and be vigilant.



On Tuesday January 3rd at 2:47 A.M. EST the planet of love and money enters this spiritual sign. Venus is considered the lower octave of the same force that Neptune, ruler of Pisces is thought of as the higher octave or energy. Where Venus rules personal love and relationships, Neptune and Pisces rule universal love. This transit is more about our feelings for humanity and the desire to help strangers than for your personal love life. In fact, this often can distract us from our more selfish and self-centered actions and direct us towards the greater good. Venus does quite well here as long as the focus isnÕt in a self-serving way. Use this transit to get in touch with your inner feelings and try to find some way of expressing your generosity.


Financial matters donÕt usually do very well with this placement. While itÕs very instinctual and an individual with Venus in this sign may be quite psychic and able to intuitively know what stocks to buy, what horses to bet on, etc., the society as a whole often makes a number of mistakes or faces a confusing issue about financial matters. Caution is called for when trading stocks or commodities, and you would be smart to make sure you have all the information you need before making a decision.



Also on Tuesday January 3rd at 2:41 P.M. EST this pleasant sextile will give us a day of easy-going conversations and pleasantries. This is a very sociable aspect and a lunch date would probably be most enjoyable, unless you have more difficult personal transits at the moment. This is a good aspect under which to have any conversation or other communication that doesnÕt require much delving or serious discussion. This is not a harsh or probing energy, but rather a light-hearted and easy one. Enjoy it and use this aspect to your advantage. Anything that is artistic or creative will be fulfilling, so take in a show, concert, museum or movie. YouÕll appreciate the artistry more than usual.



On Wednesday January 4th at 9:17 A.M. EST until January 12th at 9:04 A.M. EST Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius for a brief stay. Although Mercury is basically in Capricorn for an extended period due to its retrograde motion, it journeys back into this Jupiter-ruled sign for about a week. While it is here you will find that people are more chatty and outgoing and less restrictive in their communications. If youÕve been trying to discuss something and found it difficult to say whatÕs on your mind you may find it easier now. ItÕs also easier to travel, although Mercury continues its Rx motion until Sunday January 8th at 4:43 A.M. EST, so use caution, double check all plans and routes, and leave extra time to your trip. Once Mercury returns to Capricorn on January 12th we will be back in a more limiting and reality-conscious place.



On Saturday January 7th at 1:41 A.M. EST this harsh and unyielding aspect will present itself. This completes early in the morning, so its effects will be felt more strongly the night before. But it does set up the attitude for the weekend. And with Mercury about to go direct on Sunday this will be a few days when some serious information will be revealed. This conjunct is strong enough to force us all to delve deeply into our unconscious and look at some issues with a firm and unbending approach. This will also be true in our society. We may hear somethings over the weekend or early next week about our culture that are deep and possibly disturbing. In your own life you should be prepared to hear some news that may be upsetting. At the very least you will find that conversations and actions seem to be coming from a deeper and more transformative place. Pay close attention and make your decisions based on what you truly need and not what others are forcing upon you.



On Sunday January 8th at 4:43 A.M. EST Mercury finally goes direct. This has been a very difficult retrograde with many confusing situations being hard to analyze. Because the retrograde was mostly in Capricorn there were a number of issues regarding what was most important and how best to direct our collective force. Now we can begin to straighten some things out and prepare for the next period. Information that youÕve been waiting for will finally be revealed. It may not all be pleasant or easy to deal with, but itÕs better to know whatÕs going on so you can react appropriately.


Whenever Mercury begins its direct motion there is a short period when things seem to move very quickly and can get away from you. We must pay close attention to details and not rush through anything that requires scrutiny. Accidents and mistakes are common for the first few days as the world tries to catch up and make up for lost time, so use caution. Also, because this is a time when secrets and information are exposed you may be surprised or upset by some of what you hear. The ongoing transition period between presidents is always a tenuous process but this time it has been particularly difficult and unsettling. Rarely have we seen such differences in attitude and approach between the outgoing and incoming heads of state. At least Inauguration Day is after the retrograde ends, so perhaps some things will begin to settle down. But as we are seeing, the information coming out of the president-electÕs camp is neither clear nor focused. Hopefully it will become more so once this planet turns around.



On Tuesday January 10th at 11:21 A.M. EST this very dangerous and erratic aspect completes. This combination sometimes coincides with explosive events and unsettling information. Because it comes closely on the heels of Mercury going direct there is a strong possibility of some upsetting news being revealed or perhaps a violent incident of some magnitude. In our own lives it would be wise to avoid any dangerous situations or neighborhoods. With this volatile energy in the air anyone who is susceptible to this type of action may be set off. But with a little caution this will be a high-energy day and some excitement may be just what you need.



On Wednesday January 11th at 2:11 A.M. EST this useful aspect will allow us all to work together in a concerted effort. This completes very early in the A.M. so its effects will be more effective the night before and lessening by late morning. Mars represents the individual ego, while Pluto is indicative of things done in a group or with collective effort. When they work well together in a sextile or trine thereÕs an opportunity to put aside the self-centered ego and use the Martian energy towards a common goal. It should be easier to get others to work with you and to all get behind a project and push. So any place that you can work in a group effort should produce good results. This is also a good day to delve into any subject that requires honest and deep probing. There will be less resistance and a better understanding of whatÕs best for everyone involved.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Thursday January 12th at 6:34 A.M. EST at 22 degree Cancer 27 minutes. This may be an emotional few days as the Cancer Full Moon approaches. Issues regarding family, home and the past will be prominent. This can be a powerful aspect, and some of us could be overwhelmed by emotions. But if itÕs dealt with in the open and not allowed to fester in the unconscious, there can be some important and enlightening discoveries. Conversations about childhood and unresolved feelings are common, and with Mercury reentering Capricorn while Venus is conjunct Neptune (see below) both emotional in nature, you can be sure that some of what you deal with for a few days may have a powerful effect on your sentiments and passions. Try not to let things get blown out of proportion. It may be easy to become overwhelmed and to lose your sense of intellectual stability. Anything that does come up now that involves your past or unresolved feelings will be of utmost importance and should be examined carefully. DonÕt just shrug off a phone call from an old friend or a disagreement with a family member. There is information being offered and it would behoove you to pay attention and learn from it.



Also on Thursday January 12th at 9:04 A.M. EST until February 7th 4:36 A.M. EST Mercury reenters Capricorn after its short retrograde sojourn back into Sagittarius. Once again we will be focused on the most important issues as our values are tested and reset. This is not a frivolous or especially creative transit. Rather it is about obligations and putting things in perspective. This is a time to complete things. If youÕre working on an artistic or creative venture, you should be rewriting, editing and finishing up, not starting new projects. New beginnings will do better once Mercury enters Aquarius. They say that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I have always found that to be true. You get a glint of an idea, and then spend months (sometimes years) creating the foundation for it and smoothing things out so it is presentable. This is a time to continue the smoothing out process and getting it ready to show the world. This is also a time for settling any issues in your life that require a clear and reality-oriented approach. Financial matters, business arrangement and even relationship issues that are up in the air would gain much from a reexamination to make sure they are heading in a direction that truly suits your needs.



Also on Thursday January 12th at 4:54 P.M. EST the lower and higher octaves of the love energy will join forces. Venus rules personal love, such as to another person, a pet or other display of affection. Neptune rules universal love Š that which supersedes the individual and has more to do with the collective. When they work in tandem we have the capacity to reach a higher level of understanding and of faith. This is just a day or two when this energy abounds, and if you pay attention you may discover ways in which you can put your own needs and ego into the backdrop and use your powers to aid others. The potential is limited by the quick motion of this transit. But its potential in the long run is tremendous. Maybe this day will show some of us the power of giving and understanding. Perhaps Scrooge was being affected by a powerful Neptunian aspect that fateful Christmas Eve.


As an illustration - IÕve seen a number of examples of two individuals who are by nature rather selfish, with strongly placed Venus in each chart, but weak Neptune become involved romantically. Once they join forces as a couple the composite chart shows a powerfully placed Neptune that in time changes their attitudes and they put much more effect into helping the collective, a charity or in some other way make a generous contribution. So keep your eyes open and recognize the lessons life has to offer. They may change your approach to things more than you expect.



On Thursday January 19th at 4:15 A.M. EST this restrictive and at times frustrating transit completes. The day or two leading up to this aspect may be quite trying and exasperating. Mars is the energy and ego we all count on for our oomph in life. Saturn tends to constrain and limit whatever it comes in contact with. As such, this square can constitute a brief period of controlled vigor and drive when many will find it difficult to project the force we normally rely on. But as with all astrological aspects if used properly this can have a positive and productive end. Saturn doesnÕt restrict us without reason. When we are under its influence it is slowing down the advancement of projects and plans so they can be scrutinized and amended. Without periods of restriction many people will not deal with boundaries and can overextend themselves, which may lead to a serious collapse down the road. But even with an understanding of that concept, while this restriction is in place it is hard to step outside of the situation and recognize the necessity for such limitations. The best way to deal with a Mars-Saturn aspect is to move slowly and to focus on the most important issues you are facing. That way you can use the constricted power with care and less waste. If you do so, you will find that there is enough power to achieve what is most vital. Once this passes our normal force will soon return and if youÕve learned the lesson of Saturn you will have more than enough energy to complete your projects. Try not to look at any transit as negative, but rather as necessary and a teaching possibility. One side effect of this square can be that some people will be overly frustrated and could lash out angrily. Use caution when dealing with others, and if you see that someone is in fact projecting irritation or rage, try to avoid direct confrontations. It will not help, and could easily expand their anger.



Also on Thursday January 19th at 4:24 P.M. EST we enter the fixed part of winter. This Uranus-ruled sign has the reputation of irrational and unexpected reactions. That is a well-earned repute and it would be wise to respect the potential this implies. It doesnÕt mean that for the next month everyone is going to act nutsy. But is does make sense to step softly around any issues that could become explosive. With Mercury joining the Sun in Aquarius on February 7th there will be more of this energy to contend with.


This is also the sign of genius in certain ways, and while the line between brilliant and insane is often blurred, if this mental force is directed into useful and contained projects it can result in some fascinating ideas and possibilities. Let your mind and your feet wander where they will, and be prepared to grab at any sudden enlightening thoughts that may come to you. All 12 of the zodiac signs are wonderful in their own way. ItÕs a matter of understanding the energy they produce and using it in the best possible way.



On Friday January 20th at 8:53 A.M. EST our love interests will become deeper and more probing. If thereÕs something in your relationship that requires examination, this is a good aspect under which to do so. ItÕs a quick moving and minor transit, so donÕt expect miracles, but an early morning breakfast meeting or conversation may produce some important understanding. Because this is a sextile you can use its energy without much hassle or compromise. It wonÕt demand that you pay attention to it, as a conjunct, opposition or square might, but if you are aware of your inner self and equally aware of your ongoing relationships this will offer you a chance to make some much needed changes.



On Monday January 23rd at 4:29 P.M. EST this minor aspect completes. This isnÕt one of the more powerful transit and many of us may not even notice its energy. But this can be a very creative and even enlightening day. Any creative project will have an extra push today, and if youÕve been bogged down in some venture, either artistic or some project that in any way requires thinking outside of the box, this will put you more in touch with your inner voice and better able to grasp at new ideas. Mediation, yoga, a long walk or any other form of internalization will be rewarding and can open and expand your consciousness.



On Friday January 27th at 12:50 P.M. EST right on the Dark of the Moon this harsh square will remind us all of the limitations and restrictions our best laid plans may face. This can be a frustrating transit similar to the Mars square Saturn we experienced a week ago. With this aspect we will all tend to limit the expression of our feelings and many may find it difficult to reach out to loved ones. As with all Saturn transits this is trying to show us places where certain restrictions may be in order, and if we pay attention we can solidify and strengthen our deepest connections. But this comes with an underlying frustration that might result in misunderstandings or bad feelings. If you are having a hard time letting people know how you feel, try to explain that to them. DonÕt assume they understand. A brief explanation could go a long way. Once this passes you will find it easier to get things off your chest. So donÕt push against the stream, follow it flow and have a little patience. This doesnÕt last long and youÕll be better able to express yourself soon. But also donÕt ignore what this transit is trying to point out. If thereÕs something amiss in a close connection you would be wise to recognize it and look at it with an open mind and consciousness. Because Venus also rules our money, this is a good day to put together a budget, but not a good day for any frivolous expenditure. This may be a bad day for the stock markets and other financial news.



The next New Moon falls on Friday January 27th at 7:07 P.M. EDT at 7 degrees Aquarius 15 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the lunar cycles more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 


Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Daylight Time:


Please note: In response to requests from readers I have added a few VOC Moons into the next lunar cycle for those who need to make plans before my next newsletter is released.


December 30th 3:07 A.M. Š 8:29 P.M. ***Moon is void 15 hours

January 2nd 2:59 A.M. Š 4:57 A.M.

January 4th 11:14 A.M. Š 11:20 A.M.

January 6th 1:41 P.M. Š 3:18 P.M.

January 7th 9:23 P.M. Š January 8th 5:06 P.M. ***Moon is void 20 hours

January 10th 4:38 A.M. Š 5:49 P.M.

January 12th 6:34 A.M. Š 7:08 P.M.***Moon is void 12 hours

January 14th 10:17 A.M. Š 10:52 P.M.***Moon is void 12 hours

January 17th 1:09 A.M. Š 6:16 A.M.

January 19th 3:55 A.M. Š 5:09 P.M. ***Moon is void 14 hours

January 21st 8:24 P.M. Š January 22nd 5:45 A.M. ***Moon is void 20 hours

January 24th 12:33 P.M. Š 5:43 P.M.

January 27th 2:18 A.M. Š 3:37 A.M.

January 29th 12:52 A.M. Š 11:10 A.M. ***Moon is void 10 hours

January 31st 12:36 P.M. Š 4:47 P.M.

February 2nd 11:50 A.M. Š 8:50 P.M. ***Moon is void 8 hours



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