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Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 



This month has a long series of difficult and potentially dangerous aspects. The Sun squares Pluto on Friday October 7th, Mercury squares Mars October 13th, The Sun opposes Uranus October 15th, Mercury squares Pluto also on the 15th, The Aries Full Moon on the 16th, Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 19th, Mercury opposes Uranus October 20th, and Mars squares Uranus October 29th. Individually any of these transits could represent a difficult day or so, but coming in such a long close series it shows that this month must be approached cautiously and with an acute awareness. This is a few weeks of explosive and unpredictable energy that may have a powerful effect on us as individuals or as a collective. Accidents are certainly possible, as are terrorist attacks, weather events or any other situation that can disrupt our routine. Pay attention to whatÕs going on around you and try to avoid any unnecessary disputes or anger. There will be a lot of frustration and erratic behavior. Be careful this month and try to avoid conflicts or unnecessary battles. This is a time to walk softly and watch out for landmines.



The New Moon falls on Friday September 30th at 8:11 P.M. EDT at 8 degrees Libra 15 minutes. Libra is interested in all types of relationships. The interaction between people is its domain, and the New Moon in this sign implies that many of us will be searching for ways to communicate out ideas and feelings. With the Sun and Jupiter in this sign at the moment and Mercury joining them here October 7th there is a lot of energy in this area of life. The desire for an intimate connection is strong, and the dating sites will be very active this month. That doesnÕt mean that we will all meet our soul mates. I wish it was that simple. But there is a better chance of finding someone compatible at least on some levels. ItÕs worth taking that extra time and effort to go on a date or to some event and keep your eyes open. You may find someone you have common interests with, and itÕs possible that it might grow into something significant. But even if itÕs just a pleasant evening there is much to learn about yourself through your interaction. This is a cardinal sign and more concerned with new beginnings, so use this force to look at new ways of expressing yourself and allow some different concepts in. DonÕt close your mind off to something new or unusual.



On Saturday October 1st at 1:14 P.M. EDT this spiritual aspect will open up our minds to a deeper kind of love and acceptance. Venus rules the lower octave of the love force usually involving feelings towards another person or thing. Neptune is the higher octave that has more to do with the love of humanity, the planet, and a broader less personal kind of affection. When they work well together it is easier to take the personal and interpersonal and combine the two into a desire for universal love. The world has a dire need for that type of love, and while this is a quick moving aspect and wonÕt change things terribly much, it is a moment when we can all share in the need for positive and productive self-expression and to show an open heart willing to embrace those less fortunate.


This is also a creative trine that will stimulate the artist in us all. This doesnÕt mean that we will all write operas or paint masterpieces. Creativity comes in many forms. It will certainly be positive for those involved in an artistic venture, and if youÕre stuck trying to finish your novel or write a new song this will give you a jolt of enthusiasm. But it will also be a nudge to those who show their creative sides through less obvious ways. Business people can be very creative, as can those who work in fashion, run a blog, or express themselves in any number of ways. Keep an open mind and see what you can do to show the world your potential.



On Tuesday October 4th at 12:59 P.M. EDT this very productive sextile will complete. This is a chance to clean up any unfinished business and to set things on a proper path. Saturn wants to put all things in order and demands a realistic approach to issues. When it is in positive aspect to the Sun such as now it allows us all to examine our lives and projects and see where they are succeeding and where they arenÕt. If something isnÕt working out this may be the time you finally accept that fact and cut your losses. But if something just needs a tweaking, this may be the day that you see where those alterations must be made and go about implementing them. This isnÕt a very flamboyant aspect and you may not be very aware of its presence, but you can get a lot of work done and prepare for some more active aspects such as the Mars square Jupiter coming tomorrow.



On Wednesday October 5th at 5:45 P.M. EDT we will all feel a surge of energy that should push us forward. This can be a very optimistic and enthusiastic aspect, but it does require some attention. I fused properly this aspect can be exhilarating and give us all a boost of force that we can direct into any project or action that requires an added spark. But because Jupiter tends to blow things out of proportion itÕs important that we not overdo things or allow our egos too much freedom. While it will be difficult to quell the desire to show the world just what we can do, itÕs important to remember that too much overconfidence can be a problem. The potential for arrogance is one of the problems this square can create. If we pay attention to what we are saying and doing and the attitude we are projecting, this issue can be held at bay. But if it is your nature to act in a forceful or demanding manner, and this hits your chart, you could have difficulties with others who interpret your actions as pushy or overbearing. If you keep things in perspective and use the energy this square produces in a positive and focused way you can get a lot done in a short period of time.



On Friday October 7th at 3:56 A.M. EDT until October 24th at 4:47 P.M. EDT Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter in this cardinal air sign. The planet of communication and thought does well in Libra. There is gentleness in conversations, and a desire to find a balance between the two sides of a discussion. ItÕs a good placement for those in any partnership and compromise is easier to find. Most of us will feel that desire for conciliation and appeasement pleasant and unassuming. But because there is also a strong desire to avoid conflict and at times we may breeze over a subject that requires deeper thought for fear of a conflict. While that makes it easier on a day to day level to find common ground, it may come at the cost of a more honest and sincere approach to the topic. While Mercury is in this sign it would be wise to examine what is not being said as much as what is. If there is a disagreement under the surface thatÕs being ignored it wonÕt do you much good in the long run. When Mercury enters Scorpio on October 24th anything that has been pushed aside will come out in spades. It would be better to deal with it now when the energy is less forceful than to wait until Mercury goes into the fixed water sign.



Also on Friday October 7th at 3:31 P.M. EDT this intense transit completes. The day leading up to this square will find people to be terse and irritable. This is a power struggle waiting to happen and if it sets off your chart you may very well get into a dispute from which it will be difficult to extricate yourself. Pick and choose your battles carefully. If something is worth your attention then put the effort into it. But many things will be resolved on their own and if possible wait until this passes before getting into a tussle over something that isnÕt that important. This square will dig deeply into any subject and will not be satisfied with superficial answers. This can be a good thing, especially if you have been avoiding facing something that requires your attention. It will certainly force an honest and deep interpretation. But it can also distract you from vital issues as it drags us into the muck and over examines things that just arenÕt worth your time and effort.



On Tuesday October 11th at 5:46 A.M. EDT this extremely positive aspect will complete. This falls early in the morning for most of us, so its effects will be felt more strongly the night before. This is a very optimistic and sociable aspect. People will be chatty and wish to express themselves openly and with vigor. This is a very good transit for travel of all sorts. A long journey that begins now should be quite successful and enlightening. But even a short trip will be invigorating and open your consciousness to new ideas.



Also on Tuesday October 11th at 1:04 P.M. EDT Mars will form a good aspect to Neptune. This isnÕt a very energetic combination, but with Mercury conjunct Jupiter earlier today there should be enough oomph left over to go around. This sextile has to do with letting go of the ego and working towards the collective good. If you hold on too tightly to your self-image you will not experience the best parts of this transit. This isnÕt about you; itÕs about what you can do to help others. It can also be a very creative day especially for artists and those in the healing professions. If you take a message, acupuncture session or any other hands-on treatment you should receive a lot of positive energy. Any aid you offer whether itÕs charity work or just helping out a friend will bring you much in return.



On Thursday October 13th at 5:00 P.M. EDT this difficult square will require our close attention. Arguments are certainly to be expected and it would be wise to avoid direct confrontations until this passes. ItÕs difficult to rein in this energy once it has been release. People will not have their usual filter and will be apt to say whatever comes to mind without forethought. Because Mercury is in Libra now and Mars is transiting through Capricorn intimate relationships and partnerships will be especially vulnerable to a harsh and unbending perspective. While Mars is exalted in Capricorn it still carries a sense of limitations and restriction that will translate into exasperation. There will be an underlying anger and frustration for a day or two as this approaches. You must pay attention to how youÕre acting and speaking. Accidents are also quite possible, especially if youÕre behind the wheel of a car. That anger could easily turn into road rage or just be distracting enough to create a situation. This is a lot of energy and as always if itÕs directed into positive projects it will produce enough power to get things down. But if it isnÕt focused it can do a lot of damage. With the Sun about to oppose Uranus on the 15th (see below) we are facing several days of erratic and dangerous energy that must be respected. Pay attention to what is happening around you and try to avoid any unnecessary disputes.



On Friday October 14th at 2:47 P.M. EDT we will all be better able to focus our thoughts and communication. This is in many ways the antithesis of yesterdayÕs Mercury square Mars. It is more controlled and usable and will allow us all to concentrate and aim our mental energy where it can do the most good. This isnÕt a very flamboyant or exciting aspect, but it is very useful and will aid in our work and planning. This is a good day to put things in order, clean up your desk or finish any incomplete tasks. Any serious conversations that require our attention will do well today. There is a strong desire to get to the heart of the matter without nay oppressive anger or resentment. When Mercury and Saturn work well together itÕs a time of limitations, just as yesterdayÕs transit, but with a purpose and proactive usability that was absent with Mars in square to Mercury.



On Saturday October 15th at 6:43 A.M. EDT this highly erratic and dangerous transit will complete. This will be felt more the night before and of course by those who awaken early. As I said earlier in this report, the few days leading up to this aspect beginning with the Mars square Mercury have created a period of angst and irritability that must be respected and dealt with. This is not a good few days to confront someone or respond without thinking. Many people will be angry and frustrated, and it would be best to avoid any conflicts that you can. Mercury will also be in square to Pluto today, and the combination of these aspects right before the Full Moon indicates the strong possibility of arguments, accidents or even violence. Caution and attention to your environment is paramount. Expect the unexpected and walk away from any battles that are not absolutely necessary. This is also an accident prone transit so use extra caution, especially while traveling.



Also on Saturday October 15th at 10:28 P.M. EDT this difficult transit will add even more fuel to the Mars square Mercury and the Sun opposite Uranus that we are experiencing. People will be angry and quick to judgement, and this square will not allow them to let things go easily. There is compulsiveness and obsession and we will not allow us to just walk away once an argument has begun. The desire to get to the bottom of an issue can take a decidedly harsh turn creating an atmosphere where no answer will suffice. Be aware of how youÕre talking and try to lighten up the conversation. If someone else is looking for a fight you would be wise to walk away. You can always have the discussion when the transits are easier. Compromise will be hard to come by, so donÕt even bother looking for it. This can also be a difficult transit for travel, so continue to use caution and pay attention to whatÕs happening around you.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Sunday October 16th at 12:23 A.M. EDT at 23 degree Aries 14 minutes. The Aries Full Moon is often a high energy uncontrolled few days when many people are apt to leap before they look. Because this comes on the heels of the difficult aspects mentioned above it may be the culmination of a number of problems. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use caution and pay attention to what youÕre doing. The difficulties may come from within, or as a projected force from someone else. Either way itÕs vital that you use good judgement and not allow yourself to be drawn into unnecessary or unwinnable disputes. There is a lot of anger in the air and some people will just be looking for a fight. ThereÕs no reason why you must be the target of their frustration. I certainly wouldnÕt discuss politics for a few days. You wonÕt change anyoneÕs mind under the Mercury square Pluto and you could get into an explosive and even physically violent confrontation. WhatÕs the point?

We are about to experience even more explosive transit with Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19th, Mercury opposite Uranus on the 20th, and Mars square Uranus on the 29th. So continue to be vigil and use caution.



On Tuesday October 18th at 3:01 A.M. EDT Venus will enter this fun-loving sign. Venus and this Jupiter ruled sign do well together as long as certain precautions are observed. There may be an expansion of a romance or perhaps a new love entering your life. But I would give it some time to prove its longevity before committing too much. Sagittarius is a wonderful sign that looks to expand things, but it doesnÕt always have staying power. Sometimes it will look to exploit a situation for the moment only to run away from the responsibilities that follow. Because of SagÕs tendency to blow things out of proportion once you enter a situation under this influence it may be difficult to keep things in tow. A little common sense would go a long way. But as they say: common sense is not that common. There is also a tendency to overdo things when Venus and Jupiter are interacting. Overeating, drinking or over-indulging in other physical pleasures are very possible. But if you have realistic boundaries and can keep things in that perspective this can be a very enjoyable and certainly entertaining time.



On Wednesday October 19th at 7:18 A.M. EDT we face another difficult pair of transits. There is a very real chance of people acting in a compulsive manner and not being able to let go of something. Arguments and disputes will be deep and angry, and this is not the time to confront someone in Starbucks or in a car. An underlying anger and frustration will be prevalent and you should be aware of it. Because this is followed tomorrow by Mercury opposite Uranus itÕs vital that you pay attention to what youÕre saying and how youÕre saying it. It will be easy to get someone angry with just a word or two. The positive side of this conjunct is that nothing superficial will make the cut. Issues that require a delving approach will be scrutinized and the analysis will be complete and unbending. This is fine if there are things that havenÕt been honestly looked at. But this unyielding attitude can also be present in the more mundane exchanges and you may feel as though someone is making a mountain out of a molehill. Pick and choose your fights carefully, and donÕt waste time of nonsense. Walk away and examine these issues at another time.



On Thursday October 20th at 3:48 A.M. EDT this argumentative and dangerous aspect completes. Because it takes place so early in the morning its effects will be felt mostly the night before. This is a difficult transit. PeopleÕs thoughts and communication will be fast and furious. There wonÕt be much examination, just loud and direct talk. This can be very confrontational and because a lot of people will display their anger you must pay attention to what is being said, not just how. Accidents are quite common, especially while traveling, but also with sharp objects or any variation. Tripping over a curb getting bumped by a taxi, or dropping something on your foot could be a manifestation. Remember that Mercury rules travel, and anything that could disrupt your ability to do so would fall into this category. This is a month of a lot of anger and frustration, and it requires much attention to our immediate environment.



On Saturday October 22nd at 7:46 P.M. EDT we enter the fixed part of autumn. This sign has much to do with our ability to rejuvenate and restart things. Scorpio rules the elimination of waste in the body, our society and any other situation that requires a cleansing. We say that its ruler Pluto rules death and rebirth, and that is an accurate description, although it isnÕt usually physical death but the end of anything that has outlived its usefulness. This is the time of year when much of the ground goes fallow in preparation for the spring when it again becomes renewed and productive. In our lives we go through a similar process of weeding out what is no longer productive, and ending infertile matters to allow us room for new growth. If you approach this period with the proper attitude you will see it as a necessary part of the process and a positive action. Scorpios can be a bit stubborn and unyielding, but that is because they see the depth of life and death often in a clearer way than many of the other signs and are able to accept the cycles of life and embrace the process. This is a time of year when we all should do that very thing. Let go of what has outlived its purpose and open your mind and heart to any new attitudes or projects. They may not be more than a seed of an idea now, but as the spring approaches those seeds will produce wonderful things.



On Monday October 24th at 4:47 P.M. EDT Mercury joins the Sun in this fixed water sign. They will conjunct in a few days and push this rejuvenating energy forward. There is a tendency towards compulsive thought and an unbending attitude with this placement that you should be aware of so it doesnÕt overwhelm you. For the next few weeks we will all tend to delve deeply into any subject and do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. ThatÕs a positive approach, but the compulsive side of Scorpio will make it difficult to let go of things. Try not to be too stubborn or obsessive about a subject. Once something is done, let it be. This is a good transit for clearing out anything that is no longer valid, including ideas, projects and attitudes that are not serving your purpose. Cleansing the intellect allows new thoughts to enter. ThatÕs what this transit is all about.



On Tuesday October 25th at 9:55 P.M. EDT this confusing transit will make it more difficult to make decisions about relationships and finances. If you need to make a choice I would wait until this passes before deciding. Love will be an illusion under this transit, but it could be a very pleasant and romantic one. Be careful with alcohol and all drugs (legal or illegal has no bearing in how the body will absorb something). Also be cautious about infections. If this square sets off your chart you could be susceptible to bacteria or viruses. A little common sense will go a long way. In financial matters this is a day when you could spend more than you planned without even realizing it. Pay attention to your money and wait before making any important decisions in this area as well. This is not a good day for large purchases or making investment decisions.



On Wednesday October 26th at 11:19 A.M. EDT this sextile will be a lot different than the square to Neptune we experienced yesterday. This is a more positive Venus energy and should be very sociable and outgoing. ItÕs a good day for romance, although the hangover from the Neptune influence may still be active. Even though this is a positive sextile itÕs still quite possible to overindulge in alcohol, drugs, rich foods or other physical pleasures. Keep things in a good perspective and you should enjoy this aspect very much. Sometimes it will result in a new romance, but that isnÕt the usual result. ItÕs not a powerful or long lasting transit, so unless there are other aspects hitting your chart and this one acts as the trigger you probably wonÕt meet your soul mate. But who knows? Always be optimistic, but also realistic.



On Thursday October 27th at 12:17 P.M. EDT this common transit completes. This is a very active mental aspect that will stimulate our ideas. Discussions will be lively and forceful; however there will be a sense of willfulness in many conversations, and you may find that people can be rather stubborn and self-righteous. DonÕt try to change anyoneÕs mind today. Just listen and nod. If something is worth arguing over you can do so in a day or so. With Mars about to square Uranus on Saturday there will be plenty of energy and anger to go around. Today you should be thinking about what is most important and trying to focus your thoughts so you donÕt waste your time.



On Saturday October 29th at 12:05 A.M. EDT this powerful and potentially dangerous transit completes. This can be a very intense and explosive energy that must be directed somewhere or it will meander about and cause all sorts of difficulties. Anger and frustration are common with this combination, and if it hits your chart you could be the recipient of that force. Use caution and avoid all unnecessary arguments. Some people will be looking for a fight. ThereÕs no reason why you should get involved. Because this may affect us on the unconscious level we may not be as aware of the potential as we should be. But if you keep it in mind and donÕt walk into something you should be okay. The atmosphere on Saturday evening might be a little harsh, so pay attention. If you go out try not to drink too much or you could lose control and get into a scuffle. And if you are feeling angry you simply must be aware and try to avoid confrontations. They will not work out well for anyone.



On Sunday October 30th at 8:58 A.M. EDT this creative aspect comes along. This is a good transit for any artistic or creative venture. ItÕs quite positive for musicians, poets, actors etc. If youÕre working on a project that had become bogged down, this morning might offer you a chance to move it to the next level. Intuition will be stronger than intellect and you should follow your instincts. Communication may be a bit confusing, but the underlying desire is to help and reach a real understanding of any situation.



The next New Moon falls on Sunday October 30th at 1:38 P.M. EDT at 7 degrees Scorpio 44 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the lunar cycles more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 


Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. All times are Eastern Daylight Time:


Please note: In response to requests from readers I have added a few VOC Moons into the next lunar cycle for those who need to make plans before my next newsletter is released.


October 2nd 1:43 A.M. Š 3:43 P.M. *** Moon is void 22 hours

October 4th 9:04 P.M. Š October 5th 4:26 A.M.

October 7th 2:26 A.M. Š 4:40 P.M. *** Moon is void 14 hours

October 9th 12:51 P.M. Š October 10th 2:33 A.M. ***Moon is void 13 hours

October 11th 7:49 P.M. Š October 12th 8:43 A.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

October 14th 3:13 A.M. Š 11:08 A.M.

October 16th 12:23 A.M. Š 11:04 A.M.***Moon is void 11 hours

October 17th 10:46 A.M. Š October 18th 10:30 A.M.

October 20th 7:16 A.M. Š 11:28 A.M.

October 22nd 3:14 P.M. Š 3:34 P.M.

October 24th 8:21 A.M. Š 11:16 P.M. ***Moon is void 15 hours

October 26th 2:33 P.M. Š October 27th 9:51 A.M.

October 29th 6:09 A.M. Š 10:01 P.M. ***Moon is void 16 hours

October 31st 10:44 P.M. Š November 1st 10:43 A.M. ***Moon is void 12 hours

November 3rd 6:35 A.M. Š 11:05 P.M. ***Moon is void 18 hours

November 6th 4:56 A.M. Š 8:55 A.M.



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