ISSUE # 112  

JUNE 2008



Universal studios goes up in flames, the Upper East Side has falling cranes. ChinaÕs earthquake, BurmaÕs shame; will our world ever be the same?


What we are seeing is just the tip of the coming Saturn – Uranus opposition. Saturn represents all things that seem solid. This includes buildings, long-term relationships, the very earth we stand upon and the past. Uranus rebels against all restrictions and repressive energy. In other words, these are the most diametrically opposed forces in the zodiac. So what happens as this aspect approaches?


Buildings collapse, the ground shakes and the past (UniversalÕs film and music library) is threatened. As the saying goes: You ainÕt seen nothinÕ yet. As this aspect approaches we will see more events that represent the shaking up of the status quo. There will be more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other forms of physical evidence of this powerful aspect. In the human drama we will see violent events, explosive situations, possibly an assassination attempt or two, and many personal relationships change radically or end altogether.


The stock market will crash. How bad it is has much to do with how effective the Feds are with their current strategies. The underbelly of our culture is rotting away, and it can not sustain the weight of the collective greed much longer.


With God being the comedian that she is, the Saturn – Uranus aspect first completes on Election Day. LetÕs see, we have an old, white man (Saturn) running against a young black man (Uranus). Which is the stronger force? Usually it is UranusÕ need for change that is the more powerful. But Saturn is no slouch. It is capable of repressing freedom for long periods of time. But in the end the immovable object (Saturn) facing the irrepressible force (Uranus) will result in an explosion or implosion of some sort. The Democrats will win big in November. We will see a Uranian change take place as we seat our first black president, with a Democratic congress behind him. But we will also see some violent reactions as the three passes of the Saturn – Uranus aspect complete. The next president will inherit a badly damaged America, with financial woes and a shaky self-image. The coming few years will see some very intense transits to AmericaÕs chart. Pluto will oppose our Venus and Jupiter, putting great pressure on our personal and financial situation. When it opposes Jupiter, ruler of the chart, we may very well experience a violent attack. What bothers me the most, of course, is that Pluto rules plutonium.


By now the world has caught up with astrology. The Great Taurus Alignment of May 2000 pulled the world into the bottomless sinkhole of greed, corruption and elitism. Our nation has widened the gap between the very rich and everyone else. Now it is a chasm. Nowhere is it more evident than in New York City, one of the great loves of my life. This was a unique and varied metropolis with dozens of thriving industries and many little towns within the greater city. But that diversity has been stripped over the past 7 years. Except for the exotic and ethnic flavor of Chinatown, Manhattan has become one long narrow island of condos and co-ops, with little differences in the neighborhoods. Its industries have been priced out. Even the venerable and long established jewelry district in midtown is beginning to move out as rents make it impossible for the merchants to remain. The entertainment business, once a thriving and intricate part of New York, is gone. No longer will musician, dancers, painter, choreographers and other creative people swarm to this city to study and hone their crafts. There will never again be a folk revival, a jazz explosion or any other artistic movement. Nobody could afford the rents. A young Bob Dylan will now have to write his stories about St. Louis or Cleveland. Rock bands that would have been discovered in places like CBGBÕs will now have to find other places to make themselves known, most likely over the internet. The loss to New York is something that can not truly be put into words.


It was Mr. BloombergÕs radical changes in the zoning laws that allowed this unrestrained building boom to take place, which has resulted in thousands of middle-class and poor people being removed, often illegally, from their homes. The number of homeless on the streets of this city increases every week and reminds me of the 70Õs. Bloomberg came into office with his own agenda, part of which was to make his incredibly wealthy real estate friends incredibly wealthier. He has succeeded. When Mike Bloomberg went on TV and demanded to know who was accountable for the recent crane tragedies he bristled at the idea that the city had any responsibility for these tragic occurrences. I wanted to send him a mirror so he could finally see who was to blame. Even those friends of mine who have argued with me for years about this man and his policies have finally come to see what he is, as their favorite neighborhood stores close and their friends are evicted. Housing court has become a sad joke perpetrated on the working man. Entire apartment buildings, such as the one on East 3rd Street are being evacuated so a single family can declare eminent domain and buy the building, often only to use for an occasional stop over.


This is a man who bought his first election by paying tens of millions of dollars to Dominican charities for their votes; a man who spent millions of dollars of the cityÕs money on lawyers to fight against having to help the poor souls who rushed to ground zero on 9/11 and are now dying horrible deaths; a man who, after much infighting and embarrassment, was finally shamed into giving a small raise to the New York City police, one of the most important and worst paying jobs in the country. The list goes on and on. Yet he sees no connection between his policies and the end results.



The New Moon falls on Tuesday June 3rd at 3:23 P.M. EST at 13 degrees Gemini 34 minutes. This will be a busy month, as we begin it with Mercury in retrograde in Gemini for the first half of this lunar cycle. The New Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, so this lunar cycle will certainly be all about communication and avoiding misunderstandings. Communications of all sorts will be in the forefront, and it is most important to make sure you understand what is being said, and that you are understood. Miscommunications are common with Mercury in retrograde, and with the New Moon in this sign any confusion will be exaggerated. Short journeys will be important over the next few weeks, and you may learn something vital to your growth while traveling.



On Wednesday June 4th at 4:35 A.M. EST the ego and the will are working together to achieve desired results. This is a good day to deal with some of those misunderstandings that may arise due to the retrograde Mercury. People will be more apt to work together towards a common goal, and less likely to overreact to minor infractions. Disagreements can be quickly resolved, and you can accomplish a lot in a short time.



On Friday June 6th at 4:16 A.M. EST this pleasant transit completes. Relationships between the sexes will run fairly smoothly. This would be a good time to make your feelings known to someone you find attractive. This aspect will also help friendships between men and women, and in general we should all get along better than we recently have. Creativity will also be favored, so if you are working on an artistic project this would be a good day to push it along.



On Saturday June 7th at 11:27 A.M. EST the first of a series of conjuncts will occur. This can be a very willful aspect, and if it sets off your chart you could be speaking with more power than you realize. Just keep an eye on your attitude and if it becomes too pushy, you should pull things back a bit. This will only be a problem if your ego becomes involved. The next few days contains a Sun – Mercury – Venus conjunction that will highlight and help ease some of the difficulties we are all having in communications.



Also on Saturday June 7th at 5:04 P.M. EST the second in this series of conjuncts completes. This weekend will offer us the opportunity to see things in a fresh and new way. There will be an optimistic feeling in the air, and you should try to take advantage of it. If there have been difficulties in one or more of your relationships you could smooth things over during this period. Next week when the Uranus squares occur people will be more nervous and jittery, and it will be much more difficult to do so.



On Sunday June 8th at 2:29 P.M. EST another positive transit comes along. This will add force and directness to our communications, but because it is a sextile it can be handled easily and used to your advantage. People will be apt to defend their position and may come across a bit arrogantly, but there wonÕt be animosity or anger behind the words, just ego energy. There is no reason for disputes or arguments, and any disagreements can be easily worked out.



On Monday June 9th at 12:22 A.M. EST this wonderfully pleasant and easy-going aspect completes. This is a very nice transit, and you should try to enjoy yourself. The only potentially negative side to this is that many of us will feel lethargic and there isnÕt a lot of discipline when Venus is active. This aspect favors all social gatherings and artistic ventures. This is a good day to visit a museum or spend time in nature. This completes the series of conjuncts, and the energy will change quite a bit after this.



On Thursday June 12th at 3:38 A.M. EST this interesting aspect will shake things up a bit. It is followed by the Sun – Uranus square mentioned below, and for a few days we all must pay attention to what is happening. These aspects can disrupt personal relationships and bring some unsettling energy to the forefront. Any new relationship that begins now will be exciting, but may not be very stable. You should allow some time to pass before committing too much of yourself. If you are still as attracted to the person once this passes you could have a very stimulating connection. Keep an eye on your money for the next few days. It is easy to spend without thinking, only to regret your decisions later.



On Friday June 13th at 1:24 A.M. EST this potentially explosive transit could create disturbing events, especially if it sets off your own chart. Be careful today. It is easy to get into arguments or other disruptive situations. This can be an accident waiting to happen. There is no reason it should happen to you. Use extra caution and try to avoid confrontations of all sorts. This often represents a violent change in direction or explosive move in the financial markets.



Also on Friday June 13th at 11:46 P.M. EST retrograding Pluto reenters Sagittarius for a few months. This is an opportunity for the world to clean up the karma that this planetÕs long transit through this sign has created. We will have a chance to prepare for world events that will be defined by Pluto in Capricorn over the next 15 years. I am keeping a close eye on the Pluto – ruled oil markets. Because there has been a pullback recently this could represent another tier in the rising energy prices. But in the long run I believe oil is pulling back. It is way over priced on speculation not fundamentals.



On Saturday June 14th at 5:03 P.M. EST people will be a bit more compassionate and interested in the spiritual side of life. This can be a very creative day. Some of us will have the desire to engage in charity work or just wish to help those around us. This is a quick moving aspect and we should not expect miracles. Still it would be nice to see the sympathetic side of our species emerge. This transit favors all creative and artistic projects.



On Wednesday June 18th at 2:44 A.M. EST our feelings will be raw and intense. There is a desire to get to the bottom of things, especially in our most personal relationships. But this aspect can bring things to the surface that have been kept hidden. As such, it can be a very powerful and important moment when the truth emerges. Any relationship that begins under this energy will be quite deep and may contain an internal power struggle that will become more evident as time goes by.



Also on Wednesday June 18th at 4:49 A.M. EST this planet of love enters the sign of the home. For the next few weeks we will be more compassionate and emotional regarding our relationships. This is a good time to express your feelings towards those you care about. Decorating or renovating your home or office will be very rewarding. You may feel like spending a lot of time near your home. It will feel very comfortable and unthreatening. Be careful of buying things strictly because of your emotional feelings.



This monthÕs lunar peak occurs on Wednesday June 18th at 1:30 P.M. EST at 27 degrees Sagittarius 50 minutes. All Full Moons can blow things out of proportion, but the Sagittarius energy is well known for overdoing everything. This can be a very intense and overpowering aspect. If it hits your chart you must be careful not to get caught up in this potential pitfall. But Sagittarius is also the most outgoing and optimistic of the signs, and this can be a very exciting and rewarding Full Moon if you keep things in perspective. Because the Moon conjuncts Pluto shortly after it is full, this could be a very important moment. The stock markets will certainly feel this effect. If they have been rising, you can assume this is a temporary top. If they have been falling, this could be a very bad day. Mercury goes direct tomorrow, so this is a turning point in many areas of life.



On Thursday June 19th at 10:31 A.M. EST the planet of thought and communication turns back around. This has been some retrograde. Because Mercury has been going backwards in Gemini, the sign it rules, communications have been simply outrageous and often distorted. Now it is safe to buy a new cell phone, shoes, automobiles and airplanes. Be extra careful for the day or so before and after this event. This is the time when most accidents, misunderstandings and other complications occur. Secrets are often revealed, and surprises uncovered. As this planet begins to move forward the world will be racing to catch up with things left unfinished. This is when most problems are created, so try to avoid complications. This is not a good day to be traveling.



On Friday June 20th at 3:40 P.M. EST we will all be a bit feisty and compulsive today. There is a tendency to seek out conflict or disagreements, so try not to be the focal point of someone elseÕs anger. There will be some breakdowns in cars, machinery or other mechanical devises, so try to be prepared.



Also on Friday June 20th at 7:59 P.M. EST we officially enter summer. This cardinal water sign is mostly concerned with family and close friends. This is the time to go away with the kids. When the Sun is in Leo is a better time for romantic getaways. We will be dealing with issues from the past this month, and the way that we interpret and respond to those issues will decide how well we do in this emotionally based sign. DonÕt be surprised if you hear from someone you havenÕt spoken to in a long time. This will give you an opportunity to reestablish your connection, possibly in a better and more mature fashion.



On Saturday June 21st at 5:14 A.M. EST we will all be more realistic when it comes to romance. If there is someone in your life that you arenÕt sure deserves your attention, this transit will probably show you the truth about things. Because this is a sextile you will be able to use the knowledge this brings without much conflict or tension. If used properly this will be a good day to make financial plans, create a budget or go shopping. You will be more conservative with your money, and can more easily see ways to improve your situation.



Also on Saturday June 21st at 11:33 A.M. EST this potentially debilitating transit completes. This can be a very frustrating aspect, as the ego force of Mars is weakened by its opposition to Neptune. You may find that you and others have less energy. If you accept this fact and lower your expectations you can easily handle what this brings. But if you are expecting to be full of vigor and oomph, you may be disappointed. DonÕt plan too strenuous a schedule. You probably wonÕt have the necessary strength to complete things. If this hits a sensitive point in your chart this could bring an infection, fever or inflammation.



On Wednesday June 25th at 1:01 A.M. EST another sober and realistic aspect comes along. Get your work done today and donÕt be distracted by frivolous people or events. Make plans, complete projects and in general clean up your life. This is a good time to approach someone in authority, such as a boss or government official. They will be more open to your suggestions and better able to recognize your worth.



On Thursday June 26th at 8:01 P.M. EST this unusual planet begins its backward motion. Uranus rules personal freedom and issues dealing with the discovery of new and concepts or inventions. When a planet retrogrades it internalizes the energy of that planet, essentially bringing that force inside of you. Many of us will begin to ponder just how much freedom we really have. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, once this planet turns back around you will feel the urge to make changes. There are often serious complications with computers and other electronic devises while Uranus is going backwards.



On Monday June 30th at 6:53 P.M. EST the ability to use your ego in group affairs will become easier. This is a wonderful transit under which we can make advances towards our goals, and make some headway towards reaching those objectives. If you keep your ego in its proper place this can be a very fulfilling and successful day.


On Tuesday July 1st at 12:21 P.M. EST the god of war enters Virgo. We will all be a bit more critical for a few weeks. Ego conflicts will be petty and, as the old saying goes Š the devil will be in the details. Anger will be expressed verbally, and you should try to avoid direct conflict unless you feel it is necessary to get things out in the open. Anyone with digestive difficulties should use extra caution, especially if this sets off your chart. As with all Mars aspects, the energy must be directed or it can cause all sorts of problems. Hard work and attention to the tiniest elements will be rewarding, so get that paper work out of the way.



The next New Moon falls on Wednesday July 2nd at 10:19 P.M. EST at 11 degrees Cancer 32 minutes. The day or two leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. If you tend to be emotional this may be a very trying time each month. I have found that people with prominent moons or a Cancer Sun, Moon or ascendant respond to the cycles of the moon more intensely than others. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donÕt try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonÕt work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donÕt, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ŅdeadÓ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.


Note: All aspects are most powerful and effective as they apply. Once the transit has completed, its force is lessened. The further it separates the weaker it becomes. 



Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.


All times are Eastern Daylight:

June 4th 8:09 A.M. – 5:16 P.M. *** void all day

June 6th 5:32 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. *** void all day

June 8th 11:41 A.M. – 10:01 P.M. *** void all day

June 10th 3:42 P.M. – June 11th 5:55 A.M.

June 13th 5:16 A.M. - 4:53 P.M. *** void all day

June 15th 5:30 P.M. – June 16th 5:19 A.M.

June 18th 5:37 P.M. – 5:52 P.M.

June 20th 3:02 P.M. – June 21st 5:33 P.M.

June 23rd 3:04 P.M. – 3:32 P.M.

June 25th 10:16 P.M. – 10:49 P.M.

June 28th 2:13 A.M. – 2:50 A.M.

June 30th 2:43 A.M. – 4:03 A.M.

July 2nd 3:08 A.M. – 3:53 A.M.


Mitchell Scott Lewis

June 2008

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