As I have said many times in this newsletter and in lectures, revolutions in America are not won in the streets but in the courts. We are about to receive our second dose of Bush Supreme Court padding with others still to come. We have at least one more justice over the age of 80. By the time this administration is through they will have succeeded in producing a revolution in our nation that will be more powerful and more active in directing our country than any future president or congress. And all of this is still the obvious results of the “Great Alignment” of May 2000, which has pushed our society as far to the right as we have seen in many generations. The real battle is the same one we have been fighting since before the Civil War; states rights vs. a strong federal government. The Republicans have had an agenda for many years and they are finally in a position to implement it. They will do so through the courts and the congress. The next president of the Untied States (who will be a Democrat) will have only limited power to pull us from the swing to the right. She (or he) will be largely ineffectual. The battle over personal rights and rights of privacy will be hard fought in this radically conservative Supreme Court. It isn’t just Roe vs. Wade that is in danger; it is the rights of all people to live their lives in a way we have taken for granted the past 40 years. Our lives are about to change in far-reaching ways; and not for the better.


According to the New York Post today, the housing bubble is starting to collapse, as I predicted, even in venerable Manhattan. Prices are dropping by double digits, which could eventually lead to a glut on the market. You see, financial astrology works. As soon as Saturn left Cancer this past July it marked the top of the housing market. After 10 years trading and studying on the floor of the commodities exchange in New York I found obvious and clear signals for certain markets. Oil and housing were two. When Pluto entered Sagittarius the price of oil started to move up. It will continue to do so for years to come. In 2008 when Pluto finally leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn we will see a radical change in how oil fits into our lives. I will discuss it at length in a separate newsletter.


Oil will reach $100 a barrel within the next 12 months. It will then rest there for a while until the next world situation occurs; at which time it will begin it climb to the next level. The recession has begun, although it will be month before we accept that fact. Bush’s administration is a failure on so many levels it will be years before it is truly seen in a clear light. Nostradamus predicted that a million man army would march out of Persia (today we call it Iran) to confront an army of the west. This would not come true if our troops were not in Iraq. But of course, we are there for the sole purpose of protecting our way of life by continuing the flow of oil. There is a large faction in the Arab world that would be happy to destroy their own lives if it meant destroying ours. The Bushes are directly connected to the oil cartels. They have no intention of allowing our American way of life to change. Make no mistake; there will be a major war in the Middle East, and it will involve most of the major nations of the world. As the oil supply diminishes and estimates as to its longevity begin to become more realistic the industrial nations of the world will finally wake up to the fact that it is all about to shut down. At that point they will have two choices. Face the reality of what is happening (something that should have been done decades before), and put all their efforts into changing to accept this new fact; or throw their military might in to the region to claim the oil fields for themselves.


During the Battle of the Bulge at the end of World War Two the allies became aware that the Germans had run out of oil; virtually guaranteeing our victory. At that time the thinkers and planners warned our government that if we ever run out our machine will cease to move forward as well. That was when we should have begun putting all our efforts into freeing ourselves from this grease. We didn’t. The troops came home and everybody bought a big car and moved to the suburbs. We will pay a hefty price for all those decisions as well as the ones we make today.


As Uranus, the planet of sudden and radical changes entered Pisces, ruler of infectious diseases I began warning of several things. First, since Pisces is a water sign I expected changes in our weather patterns and sudden violent water catastrophes. The second thing expected was the transmutation of viruses. The last time this planet entered this sign we had the influenza pandemic of 1918-19 when some 20 million people died in 8 months. The current fears of Avian Flu are well founded. It isn’t a matter of if, but rather when the next biological threat becomes a reality. Our leaders are ineffectual in most things. They are incapable of protecting us, as the recent hurricanes have shown. They have no pong range plans for the people of this country. They refuse to believe in global warming or anything that might affect their profits. In short, this administration and its cronies are using our country and all of its resources for their own glorification. Our descendants will pay the price tag for this short-sighted attitude for a long time to come.




This month’s New Moon falls on October 3rd at 6:28 A.M. EST at 10 degrees Libra 19 minutes. This month we will be concerned with two issues; relationships and creating balance in our lives. Anything that is too far off kilter one way or another will need to be corrected. This is not the time for severe experimentation. The tried and true will feel more comfortable. After a month with the Sun and Mercury in critical Virgo you should now spend some quality time with your significant other. For many of us it will be easier to relate to each other.


On Wednesday October 5th at 5:39 P.M. EST this is an optimistic and expansive aspect completes. Use this time to make unrestrained plans for the future; just make sure there is a foundation beneath or it may all come to nothing. This is a wonderful day for communications of all sorts. You may find yourself inundated with emails, letter, phone calls, etc. If you can’t answer them all, try to at least skim through them. There may be an important communiqué in the bunch.



On Friday October 7th at 9:00 P.M. EST the goddess of love enters one of the most freedom loving signs and a more flirtatious and adventurous side of love will be displayed. Don’t be surprised by brashness, especially from women. Be careful of your spending habits the next few weeks. You may not have much self-control. Any relationship begun with this aspect will certainly be exciting; although it may be difficult to get a commitment for the long term.



Also on Friday October 7th at 10:35 P.M. EST this very positive aspect occurs. Your intuition will be heightened and there could be inspiration in your work no matter what you do, but especially for artists or doctors. Try to spend part of today in a meditative or spiritual state. The universe may send you a much needed message of faith. This would be a good evening for a party or any type of social gathering. Just watch the intake of alcohol and other substances. Even the positive Neptunian aspects can manifest as overindulgences.



On Saturday October 8th at 1:15 P.M. EST the planet of thought enters this deepest of signs. Communications will take on a more serious tone for the next month or so. Try not to be put off by the tone of someone’s voice. Listen to the words. If there are secrets, they will be ferreted out. This is the time to get to the bottom of the matter. Superficial answers will not be sufficient.



On Thursday October 13th at 9:19 A.M. EST the lower and higher octave of the thought process creates a positive aspect giving us a day or so when the mind will work like a well-oiled machine and things will seem to move quickly. This is a good time for communication of all sorts. If you have been unable to move a creative project forward this may give you the opportunity to do so. Unusual solutions and ideas will come more easily. But you must use this aspect to your advantage or it will simply pass as a chatty day.


On Friday October 14th at 11:15 A.M. EST
this weird aspect occurs creating a day or so of unusual and erratic events. You may find yourself looking for something extraordinary or strange. Enjoy it, but remember that any love affair begun under this influence will be unstable and should be given enough time to prove its purpose. Financial matters are best put off until this passes. You will not have a clear head regarding money.


On Saturday October 15th at 5:44 A.M. EST this depressing aspect completes, leaving us all feeling a bit restrained. Try not to give in to the energy around you; keep busy and concentrated. This can be a frustrating aspect as it tends to delay things; often slowing them down to a crawl. This is especially true with travel or communication. There may be trouble with cell phones, computers, cars and other modes of transportation. Leave extra time for your journey.



On Monday October 17th at 2:24 A.M. EST this common-sense aspect hits right before the Full Moon. This is a good time to discuss long range plans or financial matters. There is a sense of order and structure to things. You may find the foundation you seek or solution to a problem that has eluded you. A love affair begun now may not be as exciting as some, but it will have staying power.



Also on Monday October 17th at 8:14 A.M. EST the lunar peak occurs at 24 degrees Aries 13 minutes. This could be an explosive day or so leading up to this aspect; although I believe the aspect mentioned above will temper most situations. I still would give this Full Moon the respect it deserves and avoid dangerous situations. Be especially careful of sharp objects. Aries is the initiator of the zodiac; it is the first sign and often displays fearlessness. It is the completion of things this sign has a hard time with. Don’t get trapped in the Aries desire to begin things just for the rush.



On Tuesday October 18th at 2:46 P.M. EST this extremely confusing aspect occurs. Be very careful while traveling; miscommunications of all sorts will be rampant. You could easily get on the wrong train or head the wrong way in a car. If you expect confusion you may be able to avoid it through extra care. This is a terrible day to deal with important documents or contracts.



On Saturday October 22nd at 8:54 A.M. EST this wonderfully optimistic aspect comes along. This should put a smile on most people’s faces. This would be a good weekend for a short trip. The moon is in Gemini on Friday and is in loving Cancer this day. Take your significant other away for a few days. Go look at the trees; it’s very replenishing.



Also on Saturday October 22nd at 12:56 P.M. EST this argumentative energy completes. Try to avoid a fight this early afternoon. If you’re smart you’ll take a long walk by yourself out in the woods. When you get back to the cabin about 2:00 P.M. you and your paramour will be ready for a nice cup of cocoa by the fire. Of course if you like to fight this could be even more entertaining for you.



On Sunday October 23rd at 3:43 A.M. EST we enter the fixed part of autumn. Scorpio is a very intense sign which, unfortunately, gets a bum rap in astrology. It is the sign of regeneration and rebirth. This is a time of year when we often spend time reliving our past and trying to understand the purpose of things. Nothing superficial will suffice for this energy. It is the death of the old year in preparation for its rebirth in the spring when the Sun is in the opposite sign of Taurus.



On Tuesday October 25th at 10:53 P.M. EST the planet of expansion joins the Sun in this sign. Jupiter takes about 12 years to travel the zodiac so it spends one year in each sign. For the next year we will see some rather intense occurrences including another huge spike in the price of oil (ruled by Scorpio). As I have predicted for years, oil is just going up and up and up. It has been resting in a trading range for a while but it will explode again real soon; maybe as soon as the beginning of this aspect. But it could take another nasty cold winter in the Northeast to push it up. Either way we are heading for a recession than will be badly handled by this administration. The end result will be a very bad economic time for the country.



On Wednesday October 26th at 7:27 P.M. EST the planet that rules our fantasies, intuition and creative talents will change direction; and so will many of the things it rules. Look for new directions in creative projects. If you have been holding something back from the public this reversal will make it easier to present it. Your fantasies have been internalized for months. Now they will have the chance to be expressed.



On Friday October 28th at 10:12 P.M. EST these two energies meet. Relationships will be intense and compulsive. A love affair begun now could feel fated, and you could become infatuated with someone who is not particularly good for you. Existing relationships could take on a more demanding tone. If you are not in a relationship this energy could point out your isolation and perhaps create a day of loneliness or stress.



On Sunday October 30th at 2:05 A.M. EST this potentially productive aspect completes. Look for unusual situations and solutions to problems. If things have become dull and routine this aspect may break you out of a rut. But you must use the trines or they will pass as nothing more than a pleasant day.



On Sunday October 30th at 4:03 A.M. EST the planet of thought and communication enters this expansive Jupiter-ruled sign. After its journey through intense Scorpio, Mercury in this light and breezy sign will make conversations more enjoyable and less demanding. This aspect favors travel, especially to foreign lands. You can expect an increase in emails, letters, phone calls, etc. This is a good time to make plans for the future. You will view things optimistically and have a more positive outlook. Just don’t expand things beyond your capacity.



The next New Moon falls on Tuesday November 1st at 8:25 P.M. EST. The 2 days leading up to it will be a particularly low energy period. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, don’t try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just won’t work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you don’t, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this “dead” energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak.

Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.


All times are Eastern Daylight:


October 4th 11:15 A.M. – 8:03 P.M.

October 7th 1:51 A.M. – 3:28 A.M.

October 9th 2:20 A.M. – 8:43 A.M.

October 11th 6:42 A.M. – 12:05 P.M.

October 13th 9:34 A.M. – 2:05 P.M.

October 15th 2:55 A.M. – 3:39 P.M.

October 17th 2:58 P.M. – 6:04 P.M.

October 19th 6:50 A.M. - 10:44 P.M. ***moon is void all day

October 22nd 5:07 A.M. – 6:41 A.M.

October 24th 5:16 P.M. – 5:48 P.M.

October 26th 10:23 P.M. – 6:28 A.M.

October 29th 5:06 P.M. – 6:15 P.M.

October 31st 6:17 P.M. – November 1st 2:29 A.M.


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October 2005

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