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The stock market has been rather precarious of late and seems to be teetering on the brink of a major change. This month will be extremely important to the overall view of economics as we confront the results of decisions made on a national level. The devaluation of the dollar, the threat of inflation and the ludicrous oil market all make this a crossroads in American history. Will we succeed in reigning in inflation and stabilizing the dollar? Or will the expansion of China and India coupled with our perception that greed is good and defensible put us in a conundrum from which it may take years to extricate ourselves? Oil will reach one hundred dollars a barrel. Its power over us is akin to a drug addict unhappy with his situation but virtually unable to muster the strength to face the problem. We donít change our dependency on foreign oil because we donít want to. The structure of post 2nd World War America is so solidly based on the car and the expansion of Levittown to every corner of the nation that our greatest fear is that it will collapse; forcing us to make hard decisions we donít want to face. We have a government that still pays a tax rebate to SUV buyers. The car companies are losing billions of dollars and our government will take our money and bail them out; again. The worst of fears is the fear of changing. Our culture is pathological when it comes to alterations of any kind. It is our attachment to the past and a deep rooted fear of the future that creates the desperate need for status quo.


Saturn is about to leave Cancer this July and enter Leo after 2 Ĺ years in this emotional sign. Cancer rules the home, and Saturn is the planet of structure and stability. For about that length of time we have seen a housing boom the likes of which we have never touched upon in American history. Many of my clients and readers are concerned this bubble may pop. Your fears are well founded. When Saturn first entered Cancer I was convinced (mistakenly) that the housing market would become frail. Obviously it was just the opposite. Saturn laid a foundation for the society exactly in the place ruled by Cancer. Well, we are supposed to learn from our mistakes, and it is becoming obvious that it is the transits of Saturn that will alter events sufficiently to change things. Nothing stays the same, and the circumstances that created this housing market are changing. I believe that once Saturn has left Cancer this summer, the foundation we have grown to rely upon will become shaky. My fear is that Americans have overbought properties they will not be able to keep. If there is a collapse in housing it will affect all areas of our culture. My advice is to not rely too heavily upon the equity in your home for support. If you over borrow against your property you may wind up owing the bank more than your home is worth.



On Sunday May 8th at 4:45 A.M. EST the New Moon falls at 17 degrees Taurus 52 minutes. This monthís issues will resolve around values and possessions as we attempt to put into perspective what we feel is truly important. We each have a concept of what is essential to our happiness and Taurus tends to test our resolve. While we as individuals experience this, the world at large is also struggling with its self worth. Pay strict attention to your money; maybe keep a running record of everything you spend. Youíll be surprised at how easy it will be to improve your situation by changing your attitude just a little.



On Sunday May 8th at 7:58 A.M. EST this positive aspect hits. Coming so soon after the New Moon this will have a strong effect on our lives at least until the Full Moon. This aspect affords us a chance to delve deeply into issues that may at times be difficult to face. There is clarity of thought and a desire for the truth that will underlie all things. Donít ask the question if you donít want to hear the answer.


On Tuesday May 10th at 12:14 A.M. EST
the planet of love enters the sign of thoughts. Emotions will be shifted through the intellect as love takes on an airy and somewhat superficial attitude. There is a light and breezy air about this placement. Those born with Venus in this sign tend to be chatty, outgoing and quite sociable. However, there is a limit to what they can feel, and there tends to be a detached approach to human relationships. When Mercury enters Taurus (see below) we will have a mutual receptivity (each in the sign ruled by the other) between these two planets, which will connect the intellect and the emotions in an unusual manner.



On Thursday May 12th at 5:14 A.M. EST the planet of intellect enters the stodgy sign of the bull. Mercury likes to move quickly and uninhibited. Taurus tends to be rather slow and stubborn. Mercury in this sign can feel weighed down and immobile, and our thoughts may seem to be moving more slowly than usual. As I said above this creates a mutual receptivity with Venus. That implies that for a few weeks the mind and the emotions will have a deeper understanding of each other. Many of us will experience this as compassion and an innate desire to get along. Since this is not exclusively an intellectual event, you may be surprised by how kindly people react. Just accept it and use this energy to build stronger relationships with those in your life. It passes quickly, and there will be plenty of time to analyze things once itís gone.



On Sunday May 15th at 7:54 A.M. EST these two get together. This is one of the most explosive and accident prone aspects. For a day or so leading up to this you must pay attention and avoid dangerous situations. Drive defensively and try to prepare for the unexpected. The best way to do that is to be calm and keep your eyes open. If this sets off a sensitive point in your chart it may indicate trouble either in a relationship or in the form of an event, such as an accident; but my main concern is that your ego not get caught up in unimportant actions and overreact. People can be a bit feisty while this is in orb, so be careful and avoid direct confrontation if at all possible.



On Tuesday May 17th at 4:34 P.M. EST the lower and higher benefic planets create this wonderful aspect. Love is in the air, and if you are lucky you can take advantage of it. There is an optimistic feeling; so say hello to that stranger. You never know. Financial matters should turn out well as long as you pay attention to detail. This is a good day for any type of social gathering, performance, or to display a work of art.



On Wednesday May 18th at 8:46 A.M. EST these two intellectual oriented planets get together. For a day or so complex ideas will be easier to grasp. Anything unusual or foreign will be appealing as we shun the commonplace and embrace the exotic. Communication will flow and this would be a good day to explain something someone has had difficulty understanding.



Also on Wednesday May 18th at 12:37 P.M. EST this potentially upsetting aspect completes. Love will be flippant and fickle. Everyone will feel like flirting, which is fine; as long as you donít take it too serious. When these two get together do not plan on being around for the pension. Itís easy come, easy go. This is also true for financial matters. Any relationship or business deal put together under this aspect will not have a strong foundation. You could even win money on this transit only to experience an unexpected expense that is exactly the same amount.



On Thursday May 19th at 7:37 P.M. EST the annual backward motion of this planet begins. This is a subtle aspect that will be more obvious to the artists and dreamers in our society. When Neptune goes backwards there is an internalization of the spirit that in these people will manifest physically as new works of art. But the individual sometimes has a hard time rejuvenating his or her personal fantasies. During this period it can become easier to get in touch with that inner spirit and reestablish contact with our dream world; at times rediscovering the inner child and connecting once again with things left far behind. It is subtle, like I said, but if you watch your dreams carefully you can catch a glimpse of who you used to be. And that might make all the difference.



On Friday May 20th at 6:47 P.M. EST we enter the mutable part of spring. We are moving closer to the next season, summer, and each day it will feel more and more like it. Communication will be the key to things this month especially with Venus already in this verbal sign and Mercury, its ruler, about to enter as well. Talk, email, write or phone; just make sure you get your point across. Family will be very important as well, as Gemini has much to do with our youth and connections to relatives. Your siblings or cousins may suddenly become prominent in your day-to-day activities. Short trips will be particularly rewarding so plan a few brief getaways.



On Sunday May 22nd at 4:21 A.M. EST this very confusion aspect completes. For a day or so be careful of what you say; there could easily be miscommunication. I wouldnít choose this day to sign important documents or make a significant presentation. All sorts of problems could occur. If this sets off a sensitive point in your chart you might experience car troubles, subway mistakes or other annoying problems.



Also On Sunday May 22nd at 9:21 P.M. EST the male and female planets are at odds. As one would expect this isnít a great day for relationships between the sexes. Together with the aspect directly above I would be careful communicating with a loved one. Marriages or similar couplings could experience ego battles along with misunderstandings. Plan your events in life and you can avoid many pitfalls. Of course we canít plan everything. If you are confronted by your paramour today you will have to answer some difficult questions.



The Lunar peak hits on Monday May 23rd at 4:18 P.M. EST at 2 degrees Sagittarius 47 minutes. Sagittarians are known for blowing things out of proportion. The Full Moon in this sign demands a warning that, although this may be a fun day, be forewarned; things can easily get out of hand. There is no sense of propriety or restraint and you may take on more than you can handle. This isnít usually a violent or aggressive sign, but it is extremely egoistic and arrogant. If someone is all puffed up and loud, let him blow off steam. There is no reason for a confrontation. After all, itís just Sagittarius making itself known and heard.



On Tuesday May 24th at 8:13 A.M. EST this very pleasant aspect occurs. Although this isnít a very active or energetic aspect it can be quite useful. For the most part we will all feel like lounging around; there is innate laziness associated with it. But it is very creative and can generate such a nice feeling that you could smooth over any recent rough patches. If you are an artist, create. Otherwise this will just pass as a nice day.



On Wednesday May 25th at 8:04 A.M. EST this useful aspect will allow us a few hours of concentrated mental strength. If you have been stuck on a project this may help you discover a solution. Thoughts will be orderly and concise. This is a good time for all word-related activities.



On Saturday May 28th 6:44 A.M. EST the winged god joins the Sun and Venus in the sign of its rulership. This is one of the best places for Mercury; thoughts are organized and the mind moves quickly and precisely. It can create some nervousness and if you are prone to this reaction normally, you may experience a bit of tension. Otherwise, the next few weeks will be a useful time; especially for mental work of all sorts.



On Sunday May 29th at 5:29 A.M. EST this opposition occurs. Be careful that you donít fall under the spell of someone without knowing who they are. There is the chance of a meeting that feels ďfatedĒ in some way. Donít be overwhelmed by the need for adventure; at least not with your heart. Compulsive behavior is common when these two get together, and since oppositions work themselves out through other people, it could easily manifest as an obsessive attachment.



On Monday May 30th at 3:22 A.M. EST this excellent aspect completes. Optimism and the desire for expansion will dominate the mood. People will want to open up, and expect the same from you. You should find the energy necessary for any projects that need a push forward. This is a good day or so to travel.



On Tuesday May 31st at 9:59 P.M. EST this potentially upsetting aspect takes place. As with all afflicted Uranus transits you must be careful of accidents or sudden events. People may be a little edgy, so try to prepare yourself for their reactions. The explosive and unpredictable qualities to this aspect make it necessary to pay attention. If you sidestep confrontations, this aspect will pass uneventfully. This might be a very bad day for the stock markets.



On Wednesday June 1st at 10:12 A.M. EST this optimistic aspect completes. Use this transit for communication and planning. People will be outgoing and more willing to talk than usual. There may be an excess of mail, phone calls and emails. Possibly something that has been delayed will finally appear. Travel of all sorts is favored, and this would be a good time to plan a short journey. This positive aspect is wedged between several rather nasty ones, so donít expect too much. Try to use it to smooth over aggressive thoughts and behavior.



On Thursday June 2nd at 5:17 A.M. EST this aspect, virtually the opposite of the one mentioned above, will occur. Today you should be careful about travel and misunderstandings. There is a strong possibility of sudden verbal disputes, and you must be prepared to sidestep or defend against any confrontations. Drive defensively and try to pay attention to whatís going on around you. Most accidents occur as a result of misdirection, and that is exactly what this transit creates.



Also on Thursday June 2nd at 3:26 P.M. EST comes this nasty and aggressive transit. Coupled with the one mentioned above, I would be extremely careful this entire day. If anything that could be confrontational can be put off until tomorrow I would suggest doing so. People are antagonistic and could become violent. Any hidden anger will be displayed; it is up to you to avoid being in the line of fire. These are the type of aspects that often occur when we hear about brutal attacks or acts of war. Forewarned and forearmed; well, you get the picture.



On Friday June 3rd at 5:12 A.M. EST the will and the intellect combine to create a high powered few hours. Thoughts will come quickly and forcefully. People will say whatís on their minds, but without the aggressiveness of other Mercury contacts. They will be direct and honest and the light of truth will shine upon many conversations. This isnít an easy time to hide things. They tend to come out through communications.



Also on Friday June 3rd at 11:18 A.M. EST the planet of love enters this most sensitive of signs. People will be a bit more receptive and gentle than recently. Family will become important for many of us as we seek ways of expressing this softer side. Some may take this time to redecorate the home or just spend time with your loved ones. Be careful of caloric intake and donít overdo food or drink. Except for the tendency to over emote this is a nice placement for this planet and relationships born under this aspect will have a loving and compassionate nature.



On Saturday June 4th at 5:44 P.M. EST we are presented with one of the best couplings for these two different energies. This is a chance to get a great deal of work done in a short period of time. If there have been ego disputes and conflicts based on personal differences this is an opportunity to settle things in a positive and constructive manner. People will feel less threatened and more apt to compromise. This is a good aspect under which to begin a project or push it to the next level.



On Sunday June 5th at 3:21 A.M. EST the planet of growth and expansion finally begins going forward again. Many projects, creative endeavors and ideas that have been put on hold will begin to more once more. Problems will find solutions, delays will end. Travel will be easier as well, especially long journeys. If you have been waiting for the right moment to continue something you began last winter when this planet began its backward motion, now is the time.



Also on Sunday June 4th at 7:51 A.M. EST a wonderfully creative aspect occurs. As we are entering the Dark of the Moon phase, this aspect may help lighten what is usually a difficult and low energy period. This is an especially productive transit for artists. Use this energy to complete projects, but wait until the New Moon in a few days to present them to the public.



From Sunday morning June 5th until the New Moon Monday June 6th at 5:55 P.M. EST will be a particularly low energy period. Spend this time finishing up anything that is incomplete, donít try to initiate new projects on a waning moon, it just wonít work out. Once the New Moon hits you begin new projects or attempt a new approach to an existing problem.

People often misunderstand this time of the month. If you have been living in a situation or involved in a relationship that is intolerable or has outlived its usefulness this would be the proper time to move on with your life. If you have been working on a project that is almost complete but you seem to lack the energy for the finality, you must push during these low energy days to end the matter once and for all. If you donít, when the New Moon arrives it will bring this ďdeadĒ energy along with it and conflict with the newer force being presented. Often people, ideas or situations remain long after they have outlived their usefulness in our lives. Each month we are offered a chance to clean house, so to speak. Take advantage of it by finalizing anything in your life that needs completion.



Below is a list of times this month when the Moon is Void of Course and neither important decisions nor purchases should be made during these periods. The Void of Course Moon is a time when we should try to center ourselves and deal with spiritual matters not materialistic ones. Any decisions made on the VC Moon will not turn out the way we had expected.


The Moon is Void of Course from the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign until it enters the next sign. For example, if the Moon squares Mars at 27 degrees Aries and then has no more aspects until it enters Taurus it will be Void of Course for three degrees or about 6 hours. The aspects used are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition.


All times are Eastern Daylight:


May 9th 1:15 A.M. Ė3:29 A.M.

May 11th 10:58 A.M. Ė 1:20 P.M.

May 13th 11:04 A.M. Ė May 14th 1:17 A.M.

May 16th 4:57 A.M. Ė 1:46 P.M.

May 18th 9:00 P.M. Ė May 19th 12:30 A.M.

May 20th 8:40 P.M. Ė May 21st 7:49 A.M.

May 23rd 12:54 A.M. Ė 11:38 A.M.

May 25th 2:51 A.M. - 1:11 P.M.

May 27th 11:22 A.M. Ė 2:10 P.M.

May 29th 5:19 A.M. Ė 4:09 P.M.

May 31st 1:53 P.M. Ė 8:07 P.M.

June 3rd 1:24 A.M. Ė 2:20 A.M.

June 5th 1:25 A.M. Ė 10:36 A.M.


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